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Happy Halloween

    Stories 2017

New 10/31/17

Left Field   by Audrey W.

    Stories 2013  
    The Winning End of Losing  by Audrey W.  
    Stories 2011  

Perseverance by Audrey W.


Here We Go Again. . .Or Do We?  by Audrey W.

    Stories 2009  

Devil's Night  by  Northlander


The Haunting of Johnny and Roy



Here, Kitty Kitty  by Audrey W.

    Stories 2007  

Halloween Horrors   by  Audrey W.


Just Say "Boo!"  by E!lf

  Halloween Challenge Stories  (from the Just Fun page)    
    Stories 2006  

Who's There?  by  Audrey W.


 Hey, What's in the Bag  by Vanessa Sgroi


EEEK! Or Of Men and Mice  by  Vanessa Sgroi


Restless We Wait  by  Peggy J. Bedingfield


A Hauntin' We Will Go   by  LaJuan and Jamie Simmons

    Stories 2005  

The Protester  by  Audrey W.


Which Witch is Which?  by  Vanessa Sgroi

  Licorice Dreams and Candy Kisses   by   Canadagal  

Post Halloween Blues  by  Lizabeth S. Tucker


    Stories 2004  

Cats and Cookies  by  Wanda CH


An Impromptu Visit   by Sharon


The Night Visitor  by  Vanessa Sgroi


Triple the Trouble  by  Linda2


Beggars Can't be Choosers  by  Purry


Night Tremors  by  Northlander


Pumpkins  by  Audrey W.


Treats  by  Marty P.


Dog Days Gone By  by  Audrey W.


Decisions, Decisions   by  Captain Jack


Bewitching  by  Lizabeth S. Tucker


The Visitor Returns  by  Vanessa Sgroi


And Ghosty Makes Three  by  Peggy J. Bedingfield


Makin' Whoopee  by  Lizabeth S. Tucker

    Stories 2003  

A Munstrous Halloween  by  Audrey W.


Pumpkin Patched  by  Vanessa Sgroi


Tasty Treat  by  Purry


The House  by  Audrey W., Linda2 and Vanessa Sgroi


A Night Not Fit For Man  by  Northlander


Floaters and Sinkers  by  Purry


Helping Mr. I. M.  by  Audrey W.


Man Down  by  Jackie Beechner, RN


Halloween Revisited  by  M P.


A Halloween Tradition   by  Purry


Ghoul Me Once  by  The Twits


Quest on the Queen Mary: A Halloween Adventure  by  Vanessa Sgroi


Do You Believe?  by  Ziggy

    Stories 2002  
  The Haunted House  by Wanda Hargrove  
      Timmy's Return by Wanda Hargrove
  Full Moon Fever by Wanda Hargrove    
    Trick Or Treat 2 by Audrey W
  The Haunting Of Station 51 by P.J. Bedingfield  

  The Curse  by  sta51fan




  Halloween Horror Or Treat and Trick? by Diana McMurtrey

                What's Gotten Into You!  by Katy Sundberg

   Close Encounters Of The Halloween Kind  by  Vanessa Sgroi

        If I Only Had A Brain by Jill Hargan
  KMG365 Webzine Halloween Stories  < This link will take you to another site       
    Stories 2001  
  Once Bitten  by dee_ayy    
    Itís The Great Pumpkin, Uncle Johnny!  by Pattie
  A Ghost Of A Chance by Icecat    
    The Halloween Carnival  by  Jane
  Never Late by Vision  
  . . . Also Thanksgiving Stories Below
    Stories 2012  

New! 11/19/12

Not Quite 'Dear Abby' by  Audrey W.

    Stories 2011  

The Trouble With Turkeys by  Audrey W.

    Stories 2010  

Bargains by  Audrey W.

    Stories 2009  

A New Perspective  by  Audrey W.

    Stories 2008  

A Helping Hand  by  Audrey W.

    Stories 2007  

Reason to Celebrate  by  Monster Moofie


Sugar Lips  by  Audrey W.

    Stories 2006  

Something to be Thankful For  by  E!lf


What?!  by  Audrey W.


A Thanksgiving Eve Prayer   by  Vanessa Sgroi

    Stories 2005  

A Few Seconds Short of Okay  by  Audrey W.


It's Not About  the Turkey   by   Canadagal


Turkey Day Surprise   by   Audrey W.

    Stories 2003  

Good Gravy  by  The Twits


Mind Your Peas and Carrots  by  Audrey W.


Uh . . .Gobble, Gobble?   by  Vanessa Sgroi

    Stories 2002  
  A Thanksgiving To Remember  by  P. J. Bedingfield
  The Thanksgiving That Wasn't  by Audrey W.
  Turkey Day ala Amy   by  Linda2
  Round Two: Thanksgiving  by  Audrey W.
  I Have To Do What?  by  Vanessa Sgroi
Thanksgiving? by Icecat
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