Golden Arrow

By Purry

Lying on a cloud carefully taking aim, Cupid released another arrow. Heart-shaped clouds floated by as another target was selected. Again, after carefully aiming his potent love arrow, he released unto the world another match made in heaven, literally.

"Hello, Cupid."

Startled from his concentration, Cupid looked up at his visitor.

"Hello, Celeste," Cupid had sweet smile for the lovely Angel of Love. "What did I do to deserve this treasured visit?"

"Oh I was just in this section of the galaxy and thought I'd stop by," she smiled.

"I am honored," Cupid replied sincerely.

"Tell me, Cupid. Have you decided to launch the gold arrow?" Celeste inquired.

"No, I'm sorry to say." he replied with his head down.

"Why, is this particular arrow so difficult?" Celeste prodded.

"It's very special. So special that the responsibility that has been put upon me to find the perfect mate has been overwhelming."

"How so? You shoot off thousands a day, it's a chance. Hit or miss but the seed is planted and it's up to each individual to nourish that seed until it blooms," the Angel of Love explained.

"I know, but with this arrow it's just...different. I've watched over this special one all of his human life. I'll know when it's time to draw my bow. Just not yet." Cupid sighed.

Celeste sat down beside the cubby cherub and sighed a soft sigh of her own.

"Cupid, you know that you shouldn't, we shouldn't," she amended, "get personally involved. It only makes our jobs harder."

"I know, but..." at a loss for words he cast a glance at the subject that was the golden arrow.

Celeste watched as the lanky, dark haired, dark eyed human that was so full of life, smiled the most dazzling smile.

"You're right, he is special. I can feel the compassion, sincerity, passion, faith, trust, selflessness and so much more radiating from his golden aura. The golden arrow owner of all that is worthy of love everlasting."

Nodding his head in agreement, "See what I've been up against? I have sprinkled the love dust to supply endless attractions but have yet to settle upon one that is worthy. I almost made a huge mistake with one named Valerie."

"What happened?" Celeste wondered.

"Her aura almost tarnished my golden arrow but luckily that whole mess has been diverted. I'm just worried about him, he needs so much to be loved. So much to love."

"Yes!" she agreed.

A few heart clouds floated by before either spoke again.

"Uh, Angel, what should I do? Valentine's Day is in a few earth days? He's still suffering from being tarnished," a sorrow filled ach colored Cupid's voice.

"Nothing! It will work out. On earth there are many that has your golden arrow's heart. Maybe not the love you disperse love, but love still."

"Ah, yes, he does," Cupid smiled.

Celeste bid Cupid farewell, but before moving too far away she smiled back and said, "Protect the golden arrow, watch over it and keep it safe. I trust in you to find love everlasting for our Johnny Angel." Then she was gone.

Cupid lounged back upon his cloud contemplating the golden arrow. He knew that one day, John Gage would finally receive his seed.

With that thought he smiled and returned to his job of planting the seed of love.

The End

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