Stories By Purry

Mike's Innuendo


Pass Or Fail


Relieved Or Disappointed

(Another take on the ep Promotion)



The Firemen Of Station 51

An E! Poem

The Screaming Banshee 


Not One Peep . . . 


An April Fools Day Mystery

April 1st

Johnny's Easter Tale 


A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

My Mommy by Jennifer DeSoto

Something Special 


Special Bond

Fear Of The Unknown

Not Your Usual Gift  

Fetish Or Experiment


Saluting The Red, White and Blue 

Taking Stock In His Socks


State Of Shock


Puttin' On The Dog

An answer to a challenge for Trainee

Tasty Treat



Sinner Or Saint?

Answer to Johnny repentance challenge


Unadulterated Fear

If Walls Could Talk

Where's The Welder?

Constellation Of A Family


Floaters and Sinkers

A Halloween Tradition  

A Grin & A Pen

Twinkle, Twinkle 



It's the Thought That Counts 


A poem about John Gage


Mischief Maker

Roy, Be My Valentine

A poem

Christmas Phenomenon  Ode To Johnny

Terror Stricken


Ode To Chester B. Kelly




Decisions, Decisions

(others' stories included on An Honest Mistake page)


Tempus Fugit

God's Design


Dialogue Stories


Deadliest Enemy

Beggars Can't be Choosers 

Golden Arrow


Just a Few More Days

January Picture Story

Seeing Green

Feb Picture Story


March Picture Story

April Picture Story

Saved by the Bell

May Picture Story


August Picture Story

September Picture Story

June Picture Story

July Picture Story


October Picture Story

Cane Mutiny 50% Drop April Picture Story 2006
September Picture Story 2006 Roll Over May Picture Story 2006 Life is in the Details

Feb Picture Story -

A Hairy Situation

Plot Bunny

Johnny's Rant




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