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Honor Thy Father – A Memorial Day Story 

By:  Vanessa Sgroi




He stood looking at the gravestone.  Looking at the name, date of birth, and date of death etched in the marble, he was lost in thought and memories.  A tiny American flag rippled in the stiff, warm breeze.


Roy DeSoto jumped when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder.  He turned his head and was shocked to see his partner, John Gage, standing next to him.  Like Roy, he was turned out in full dress uniform, having marched earlier in the Memorial Day parade.


“Johnny!  What are you doing here?”


With a small smile, Johnny said, “I was paying my respects to someone special.  On the way back to my truck, I spied you standing here—thought I’d come over.”


Curious to know whose grave Johnny had been visiting, Roy started to ask, “Who . . .”


“Hope you don’t mind.”  Though Gage smiled, his eyes were dark and turbulent.


Deciding not to push, Roy instead replied, “No, I don’t mind.  I came to place a flag on my Dad’s grave.”  He gestured with his hand toward the gravestone.


Johnny read the inscription.


Thomas A. DeSoto

2/1/26 – 7/17/56


“World War II vet?”


“Yeah.  He was in the Army.”


“And you followed his example.”


Roy smiled.  “Yep.  I wanted to be just like him.”


“Sounds like he was a great role model.”


“He was.  For the short time he was in my life, he certainly was.”


“You were lucky.  Hey, listen, I’m gonna go home and get changed.  I’ll be at your place around 2:00 p.m.  Joanne told me to bring the hot dogs and buns.”


“Sounds good.  Hey . . . uh . . . Johnny?  Thanks for stopping.”


Gage nodded before walking away.


Roy stared at Johnny as he walked to his Land Rover, realizing that there was still a lot about his partner that remained a mystery.


With a sigh, he leaned down and straightened the little flag and then he too left the cemetery.



* * *  The End * * *







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