Stories by Vanessa Sgroi

Close Encounters Of The Halloween Kind

Ah Nuts!

Just Another Monday


I Have To Do What?

Finding Christmas

Simply Mesmerizing

Night Terrors


Sometimes It's The Little Things

Life's A Drag

A Killing Cure


A Spark Of Hope 

The Most Magnificent Little Brat

In A Pinch 


Consequences: An Alternate Ending To 'Gossip'

Fool Me Once

co-written with Jill Hargan

Quiet Concern


A Little Bunny Buffoonery




The Old Switcheroo

(others' stories included on An Honest Mistake page)

One Of Life's Little Mysteries


Nice Doggy?

An answer to a challenge for Trainee


Rescuer Beware

On The Side Of The Angels

Pumpkin Patched


Faking Out The Phantom


The House

Written with Audrey W. and Linda2

Uh . . .Gobble, Gobble?



Quest on the Queen Mary: A Halloween Adventure

From the Ashes 


Here Comes Santa Claus


House of Mirrors

*Co-written with Audrey W.


Their Lucky Day




The Secret Life of Roy DeSoto

Parade Duty

One Little Mishap


Big Red's BooBoo

A Certain Doctor's Discomfiture

An Early Evening


A Little Lunch Trouble

Grossing Out Johnny Gage

Surprise, Surprise



Bee Nice

The Night Visitor

The Visitor Returns 


The Bad Hair Day

Christmas Eve

Of Bubbles and Duckies

January Picture Story


Feb Picture Story

Seeing Green

March Picture Story

April Picture Story


Angeles Arms Apprehension

Honor Thy Father – A Memorial Day Story


June Picture Story


July Picture Story


The Perfect Partnership

A Missing Scene from The Wedsworth-Townsend Act


September Picture Story

Which Witch is Which?

When Misfortune Visits

Let Them Eat Cake

Alice Unleashed

An alternate ending to  'Séance'

And Then the Rains Came

May 2006 Picture Story EEEK! Or Of Men and Mice
Hey, What's in the Bag A Thanksgiving Eve Prayer Santa's Grouchy Helper

Out of Time


Here Kitty, Kitty!

(An Alternate Ending to Alley Cat)

Paramedics with Psychic


Live From Lot 51? Coffee Break? Coffee Broken!
Guilt Trippin' Morphine Magic Ho, Ho, Who? Gobble, Gobble Squabble

Non-E! Poems By Vanessa

Various Poems







Fire Fighter Poems




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