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Jane L.:

Cap’s Long Day
The Halloween Carnival
Christmas Is For Family
With A Little Help From My Friends
Belle Of The Ball
It’s Only One Night
“One Of A Kind” Party
Roy Gets The News – The Missing Link In Snakebite
A Mother’s Call
A Father's Nightmare
A 4th to Remember
You Just Never Know
The Quiet Room
If Only . . .
A Christmas Journey
Almost A Valentine
A Young Boy's Dream
Rapid Descent
*Written with Whisper

Killing Time

Journey Into Uncertainty
Helping Out


Up A Tree *Written with Whisper

A Brother's Watch

The Ledge September 2012 Picture story

. . .You Don't Cross the Line




A Little Rain Must Fall

What's In a Name

Unexpected Results
Flicker of Doubt

You Had to Go There Anyway



The Twits:

Playing Paramedic

A rainy day brings on more trouble than anyone could have expected.
Gas Pump Blues

Problems abound with the 1970's gas shortage
Oh Chute!

Johnny and Chet go skydiving

Did an error by Gage cause injury to someone important to him?
You Call This Fun?

A day at the amusement park with six firemen. . .what could possibly go wrong?

An ambulance accident leads to a fight for survival
A Woman Scorned

Johnny finds he may regret his latest girlfriend
Good Gravy!

A potluck Thanksgiving at the station, but can everyone cook?
Burn, Baby, Burn

An arsonist is on the lose and his targets hit a little too close to home for many.
Ghoul Me Once

A replacement captain has everyone on edge
The Diner

A simple breakfast out turns into an experience no one will soon forget.
A Good Day to Stay in Bed
A few strange horoscopes seem to influence the day

Boys Will Be Boys

An open fire station and school group. What could possibly happen?

We Gotta Get Outta This Phase

Johnny's bugged by recent calls

Viva Las Vegas


In Harm's Way



Julie H.:

Once Jinxed
It's Only A Dream


Pictures by Julie


Judy Theis:
Everyday Heroes
- It's just their job




Up On The House Top

Good intentions at Christmas go awry
The Best Bad Luck
Three Strikes

Trauma: Life In The E!R
Waiting Room (The Emergency! Version)
River’s Edge
2:00 AM
Identity Crisis
False Positive
Rite Of Passage
Second Chances

Someone from Johnny's past returns in an unexpected way.
The Eternal Debate



Nancy M.:

A Shopping We Will (Or Won’t) Go
Never Again
Champagne And Cigars
Hamburger Surprise

Poems by Nancy:
Defiance Of The Beast
After The Fact
Will I Survive?



The One You Least Expect

The Longest Moment
An Unexpected Gift

A Dog-Gone Good Rescue
Command's Price
Trainee Dog Challenge
An answer to a challenge for Trainee
Do You Believe?
Mike Stoker and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Shift


Two Minutes
Johnny is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
What do you do when it happens to you? That's what John Gage has to figure out.
Second Chances
Someone from Johnny's past returns in an unexpected way.


Wanda CH:

The Beautiful, Ugly Day

The engine crew witnesses a Mac truck hit the parked squad. The major problem is

 that Johnny and Roy are repairing it at the time.
What Next?

Chet's date isn't who she seems, and Hank and Johnny are trapped in a fire.
It Can't Be

With a freeway pile-up, danger comes to Johnny, and a loved one of Captain Stanley.
Christmas In L.A.
"Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do"

When the station is robbed, the guys end up in their boxers, none quite like Johnny.
In A Pinch
"What? Why Me?"
Flowers For Mother
Bad To The Bone
Let Me Have Your Seat
"Oh Man!"
- A challenge answer for Trainee
Cats and Cookies

The Double Surprise
March Picture Story

The Unforgotten Day

Just a Regular Day
A Tough Decision

It's Only Gear

Haunted House Surprise

Gum Changes Everything



Johnny suffers from a potentially career-ending eye injury, and becomes detached

in more ways than one.
The Secret Ingredient
"It's not going to kill you to try something different."
Just A Simple Cold
For Johnny, nothing is ever simple.
Too Much Help
Johnny agrees to perform a favor for Marco, but soon he's the one who desperately

 needs help.
A Gnawing Feeling
Overwhelmed by life's little frustrations, Roy dismisses Johnny's problems

 as unworthy of his attention, until it's almost too late.
Mere Mortals
Two of Rampart's worst patients are reunited.
Heart Aches
Johnny feels life is passing him by.
A Piece Of Cake
Johnny agrees to perform another favor for Marco, and gets much more than

 he bargained for.
Casting Stones
A Stroke of Bad Luck

Road to Damascus
*This story is a sequel to Casting Stones



Last Man Standing Or Then There Was One
Emergency! In Glenahvin
It's Just One Of Those Days, Dixie
Annie's Last Sunset
When There's No One To Blame
But For The Grace
A Home For Sam
Firewalker And The Rings Of Fire
Turkey Day ala Amy

Christmas In Paradise

Once Upon A Time In The Land Of E! . . .
A Happy Discovery
In A Pinch
The House -
Written with Audrey W. and Vanessa Sgroi
Santa Down -
Written with Audrey W.
Rerun Hang-Ups
It's the Real Thing
Quantum E!

Triple the Trouble

And Yet Another Day

The Box

A Season and a Time

May 2008 Picture

February 2016 Picture

August 2016 Picture

Easter Egg Stampede



Jill Hargan:

When There's No One To Blame
Paranoia Strikes Deep
If I Only Had A Brain
Lost And Found -
This story is rated R for graphic subject matter.
Caught With Your Pants Down
Conversation Hearts
The Visitor
The Booster
In A Pinch
Fool Me Once -
co-written with Vanessa Sgroi
Tastes Like Chicken
A Fungus Among Us
You Can't Beat The Odds
Plausible Denial
Dog Gone It! -
An answer to a challenge for Trainee
Foundations -
*This story is PG-13 for a little rough language and some violence.
Only With the Heart
And No One Knows Where

A Penny for Your Thoughts

My Best Girl

The Booster - Redux
Are You My Mother?




Mike's Innuendo
Pass Or Fail
Relieved Or Disappointed -
(Another take on the ep Promotion)
The Firemen Of Station 51-
An E! Poem
The Screaming Banshee

An April Fools Day Mystery
April 1st

Ode To Johnny
Not One Peep . . .
Johnny's Easter Tale
A Warm Fuzzy Feeling
My Mommy by Jennifer DeSoto
Something Special
Special Bond
Fear Of The Unknown
Not Your Usual Gift
Saluting The Red, White and Blue
Taking Stock In His Socks
Fetish Or Experiment
Decisions, Decisions
State Of Shock
Puttin' On The Dog -
An answer to a challenge for Trainee
Constellation Of A Family
Sinner Or Saint? -
Answer to Johnny repentance challenge
Unadulterated Fear
If Walls Could Talk
Where's The Welder?
Tasty Treat
Floaters and Sinkers
A Halloween Tradition
A Grin & A Pen
Twinkle, Twinkle
Christmas Phenomenon
It's the Thought That Counts
Attributes -
A poem about John Gage
Roy, Be My Valentine -
A poem
Mischief Maker
Ode To Chester B. Kelly
Terror Stricken
Tempus Fugit
God's Design
Beggars Can't be Choosers

Just a Few More Days
Deadliest Enemy

January Picture Story

Golden Arrow

February Picture Story

Seeing Green

March Picture Story

April Picture Story
Saved by the Bell
May Picture Story

June Picture Story

July Picture Story

August Picture Story

September Picture Story

October Picture Story

Cane Mutiny

50% Drop

April 2006 Picture Story

September 2006 Picture Story

Roll Over

May 2006 Picture Story

Life is in the Details

A Hairy Situation - Feb 2005 Picture

Plot Bunny

Johnny's Rant - July 2013 Picture


A poem page by Purry and Heidi is also on Guest Dispatchers

Purry's Drabble Page  


Between A Rock And A Hard Place
An earthquake brings on more than just structure damage
Expect The Unexpected
An injured friend isn't Johnny's only problem
Proving Ground
The paramedics help at a wildfire in unfamiliar territory


Sherry Powers:
Roy's Diary Entry - Virus
The Drunk Driver
A Happy Ending. . .After All
A Day In The County Jail

Bank On It

Death Is A Three-Letter Word
February 2006 Picture




Wrong Line Of Work Or Lucky To Be Alive

Wrong Line Of Work Or Lucky To Be Alive: The Sequel
Water Bombed -
An E! Poem
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Root Canal
The Easter Turtle

A Contract Is A Contract- An answer to a blooper in Snakebite




The Tour
The Men Of Station 51
The Shift
Taking Stock
A bitter sweet day in the life of Jennifer DeSoto. -
*Involves character death
But Why?
Roy deals with some tough questions from his young son.
Caught In The Act
Much to his surprise, Hank Stanley catches the station's phantom in the act.
Dear John -
*Involves character death
A sobering moment with Chet Kelly at the wheel.
Another Saturday Morning
We join a conversation already in progress, between Chet and Johnny.
The Dance
Mayhem ensues when the boys clean house.
Strangers In The Night
Find out what happens when two friends discover they have deeper feelings for

one another.
First Response
Today's Entry

Dragnet Style Story

And Now. . .A Word From Ms. McCall
An Impromptu Visit

February 2006 Picture Story (Station 51 - KMG-365)

Home Captain

Will He or Won't He?

Gong With the Win

She Said, He Said



Ellie Simon:

So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
Johnny gets to play out a life-long dream
Johnny has an unusual effect on women



Marty P.:

April Fool
Chet's pranks abound, but who's the fool?
Why Johnny Doesn't Drive
Blooper story: Caught
What happens when the drugbox goes to Rampart without the paramedics

(To Buy or Not to Buy)
'Trainee' story: The Way It Mighta Been
Johnny meets 'the dog'
E!Lib 1
E!Lib 2
Word Power
So This Is Progress? -
An answer to a challenge . . .
Halloween Revisited
Caught Coughing -
An answer to a challenge that asked. . .why is Johnny coughing?
White Elephant Exchange
A Valentine Date
Charge Ahead -
*This story is a victim POV story that features the E! characters in it.
Rotten Day -
Victim's POV story that focuses on the E! characters
Seeing is Believing

April Picture Story
May Picture Story

March Picture Story

January Picture Story

February Picture Story

August Picture

September Picture

July Picture

June Picture

March 2006 Picture

February 2006 Picture - Still Life


Carried Away

Man Down

Bag Boy

Hang Up Revisited
The Tour
The Rest of the Shift

October 2005 Picture

Use Your Head

Christmas Calls

Moving Experience

Sweet Treats

Not Quite the Plan

The Rule Book

Manual Labor - May 2014 Picture

Birthday Interrupted


The Computer Date



The Story Behind Johnny's Green Pen


Once a Fool, Always a Fool


The Rocket's Red Glare



D. Kelley:

(These stories are a series)
Better Off Forgotten
A Time To Remember
Conquer The Past



Lisa Damiani:
The Captain's Office


Roberta Simpson Brown:



Katy Sundberg:

What's Gotten Into You!
A Confined Place
Long Way Down
The Haunting



Jennifer Bartholomew:

Star Trek Style

Is It Time Yet? (Story in progress)



It's All Your Fault
That Plain Ol' Johnny

The Day the Pigeon Got His Revenge




Them's The Brakes
Firemen's Tears
'Roy' Ally Pissed Off
Boys To Be Proud Of

Burning the Bonds, the Journey Back to Friendship

A Memorable Party
No One Listens

June Picture Story

A Prank Gets Personal
Bandaging Up A Friendship

An Engineer’s Enigma

Taking Strength From Within
May Picture Story

Licorice Dreams and Candy Kisses

It's Not About the Turkey

A Hero in Any Language is Still a Hero

A Christmas Wish Comes True





The Fairer Sex

June Picture Story
July Picture Story (2 posted)
The Fairer Sex- Missing Scenes from 'Women'
The Trainee - a different version

The Mouse - An Extra Scene
A Deadly Dance

August Picture Story
Measure of a Man
The Mother-In-Law
Bottom Line - Alt Ending: A Day Off 

Rainy Days . . .
A Near Thing

March Picture Story

When It All Goes Wrong
Honest - an alternative ending


Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore 2


Just a Little Fall. . .


If I Only Had A Helmet...

It's a . . . what????

Claiming the Moral High Ground

The Steel Inferno - an alternate ending
Survival on Charter #220 - an alternate ending

Sea of Heartbreak

Grin and Bear It - a sequel to 'Sea of Heartbreak'
Fair Fight - an alternative ending

Inventions/ What Happened Next - an alternate ending

When Johnny Met Joanne

Make Yourself at Home - a sequel to 'When Johnny Met Joanne

'Peace Pipe - an alternate ending

Musical Mania- an alternate ending
Cowboy Up

Into the Lion's Den- based on the episode 'Nagging Suspicion'





Dangerous Deceptions

A Serious Misunderstanding

The Prisoner

The Patient

Sudden Impact

The Thousandth Man



Jamie Simmons:
Reaching Out
The Tie That Binds

Erasure of Guilt *co-authored with LaJuan

A Hauntin' We Will Go  *co-authored with LaJuan

La Muerte de Johnny Madrid
Dear Phantom

Dodge Ball
Floor Brigade Challenge




Robin Weinrich:
The First Step

The Next Step

A Change in the Wind
Burnt Offerings
Then The Morning Comes
At the Edge of the Pond
Fury of the Storm
 What are Little Girls Made Of?
The Tie that Binds
We Are Not Afraid
No Second Chances

On Being a Firefighter



K Hanna Korossy:

Finest Hour
True Feelings
Ice Fishing
More Than a Nuisance
Cat and Mouse

A Big Deal
What's Not in the Manual

Testing Time




Bedside Manner

Open Door Policy

First Order of Business

The Choice

Search and Rescue
Blind Faith

The Line of Duty
Holding Pattern

The Standbys

Lights Out





Caelie Ryan:
Declaring War
Another Boring Day


Alternate Ending: Honest
212 - June Picture


Twenty Hours Until Dawn

Momentary Matter of Trust



A Disregarded Lesson
a vignette - June Picture

The Sickness

Sorrow's Lament






















































Keeping the Home Fires Burning -
Co-written by Paula
Problems at home and a rescue gone wrong bring Roy's past back to haunt him
Life in the Balance
Playing the Game
End Game
A Night Not Fit For Man
Recent Challenge Stories/vignettes
Night Tremors

Devil's Night



SQ51 Storywriter:

A Man From the Past

A Captain’s Prayer
Bottom Line – Alt Ending #1
Bottom Line – Alt Ending #2
Bottom Line – Alt Ending #3
Night of the Child
Night Into Day
Hanging Out With Friends
I Hate The Rain
One Lump Or Two?
Roll Over And Play Dead
- co-written by Julie H.
Hee Bee Gee Bees -
co-written by Julie H.
What So Proudly We Hail
L.A. 51?
DisenGaged -
co-written by Julie H.
A Trite Fright


The Flaming Dragonfly:

Disbelief - This story is rated R for graphic subject matter.

Johnny finds himself in a struggle to overcome a traumatic experience that shatters his life
Call At A Church

The Streak
Revenge of the Streak
Confessions of a P***** Off Paramedic

Disbelief (The Edited Version)

Pot Shots
No More Words
Speed Kills: Tale of a Breakdown


Second Look
The Vacation
Watchful Eye
Missing Piece

My Recollection
Mystery Wave
One Wish 
Friends Not Forgotten
What I Didn't Know
Tales From Station 51
You Can Count on Me

Double Date

Missing Memories

The Secret



The Great Outdoors
Do The Hustle
The Fomite
'Twas The Night Before Christmas (E! Style

Johnny's Address
A Thankless Job

The Deposition



All in the Family
The Times, They Are A Changin'
Letting Go
The Nightmare
A New Captain
What's It Worth?
Into The Fire
The Diversion
You Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends
Don't Take The Girl
An Old Friend
The Ugliest Egg
The Chief
Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't
A Father Or A Fireman
Limelight Blooper
The Parking Ticket
The Better Part Of Me
A Little Snippet
Safely Home

The View

Just Doing Our Job. . .
Stuttering John

A Fire Pole?
Sleepless in Carson



Wanda Hargrove:

The Haunted House
Timmy's Return
Full Moon Fever
The Fireman’s Picnic Caper

Slippery When Wet
Rescue At The Quack Of Dawn
The Phantom And A Cougar
The Field Trip
Between A Rock And A Hurl
Unpleasant Reunions
Accidents Will Happen
Just A Minor Repair
Derby Festival Daze
A Night At The Races Can Be
Hazardous To One's Health
Close Encounters Of The Stapler Kind
It's All In The Cards
The Bee
The Other Side Of The Street
An answer to a challenge for Trainee
The Mr. Edison, You Done Me Wrong Blues
Flirting With Disaster
A Hero's Story?
April Picture Story
Not Actor Material?
September Picture Story

Long Distance Charges May Apply
The Vortex

The Vortex II
The Antique Child


Johnny/Shiloh series
Takin' Care Of Business
Bringin' On The Heartbreak
No More Mr. Nice Guy
When The Time Has Come




High On Morgan Towers
A First Time For Everything
Five Firemen For A King's Ransom?
An "E!" Moment In Time
Getting Into The 'Swing' Of Things
Copped Canteens and Keeled-Over Wookies
January Picture Story

April Picture Story
The Phantom Fire Brigade

May Picture Story

June Picture Story

Eight Fringed Squawkers

Of Phantoms and Fire Poles

November 2006 Picture Story

Bugged/ Epilogue: Male Bonding (February 2007/ May 2006 Picture Stories)


Red is for Firefighters

Just Another One of Those Days
When Firemen Get the Munchies

Reflections of a Fire Captain

Stoker Gets Stoked

For The Record

He Never Saw the Signs

A Work In Progress

That’s What Friends Are For

He Should’ve Known


Just A Coincidence

The Imperfect Storm

Just Hangin' Out

A Failure to Communicate

Outside the Box

An Eye for an Eye

That’s What THEY Say

The Nose Knows

Spills and Thrills

The Recycle of Life

A Measure of Luck
Batting Zero
Payback Ain't Always A Bitch
Only In The Movies

Just Mopping Up

Firemen Should Be Seen, But Not Herd

Soapsuds and Seaweed


I Never Said That

The Road Less Traveled

Camp Slugs and Mushroom Clouds

Keeping Score

Semi Conscious

Saving Face

He-e-e-e-e-ere's Johnny!

Loose Ends
Coming to Terms

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Between A Rock And A  Hard Place

Johnny Loses It

An Apple a Day

Godzilla and The Smog Monster

Freedom Is Just a State of Mind

X Marks the Spot
Hardy-har Harlin

Excedrin Headache #218

Spinning Wheels

An All Consuming Task

Be Careful What You Wish For

One-Armed and Extremely Dangerous

An Equitable Trade


Protecting Exposures

A Heavenly Cause


Book One: There's Just No Getting Away From It All
Book Two: If Wishes Were Horses (still in progress)



Linda Reiche:

Jaws Of Time
The Best Laid Plans Of . . .
Beware The Toys
The Sky Has Fallen
A trip to the zoo takes an unexpected turn
The Ball
April Picture Story



Peggy Bedingfield:

The Intern
Someone Answer The Phone
The Haunting Of Station 51
A Thanksgiving To Remember
The Seventh Hook
Return From The Presence
Thorn In My Side
Part 2 and a sequel to Volunteer
A Thanksgiving To Remember
The PB & J Affair
The Letter Home
Helmets, Hooks and Turnabout
And Ghosty Makes Three

The Dark and Stormy Story

I Did It!

July Picture Story

Rescue from the Darkness

Restless We Wait




A Delicate Situation

A vacuum, an awkward situation and Johnny



Susan Proto:
Matters Of Trust
Roy makes a decision that has serious consequences for himself and his partner.
No Big Deal
"It was just a fender-bender, Doc..."

Family Matters



Vanessa Sgroi:

Ah Nuts!
Close Encounters Of The Halloween Kind
Just Another Monday
I Have To Do What?
Finding Christmas

Simply Mesmerizing
Night Terrors
Life's A Drag
Sometimes It's The Little Things
A Killing Cure
A Spark Of Hope
The Most Magnificent Little Brat
Consequences: An Alternate Ending To 'Gossip'
In A Pinch
Fool Me Once -
co-written with Jill Hargan
A Little Bunny Buffoonery
Quiet Concern
One Of Life's Little Mysteries
The Old Switcheroo
Nice Doggy? -
An answer to a challenge for Trainee
Rescuer Beware
On The Side Of The Angels
Faking Out The Phantom
Pumpkin Patched
The House -
Written with Audrey W. and Linda2
Quest on the Queen Mary: A Halloween Adventure
Uh . . .Gobble, Gobble?
Here Comes Santa Claus
From the Ashes
House of Mirrors -
*Co-written with Audrey W.
Their Lucky Day
The Secret Life of Roy DeSoto
Parade Duty
One Little Mishap
Big Red's BooBoo
A Certain Doctor's Discomfiture
An Early Evening
A Little Lunch Trouble
Grossing Out Johnny Gage
Surprise, Surprise
Bee Nice
The Night Visitor

The Visitor Returns

The Bad Hair Day

Christmas Eve

Of Bubbles and Duckies

January Picture Story

February Picture Story
Seeing Green

March Picture Story

April Picture Story
Angeles Arms Apprehension

Honor Thy Father – A Memorial Day Story

June Picture Story

July Picture Story

The Perfect Partnership - A Missing Scene from The Wedsworth-Townsend Act
September Picture Story

Which Witch is Which?  

When Misfortune Visits

Let Them Eat Cake - A Valentines Day Treat

Alice Unleashed - An alternate ending to 'Séance'

And Then the Rains Came

May Picture 2006

EEEK! Or Of Men and Mice
Hey, What's in the Bag

A Thanksgiving Eve Prayer

Santa's Grouchy Helper

Out of Time
Here Kitty, Kitty! -
(An Alternate Ending to Alley Cat)
Paramedics with Psychic Tendencies

Live From Lot 51?

Coffee Break? Coffee Broken! February 2016 Picture

Guilt Trippin' September 2016 Picture

Morphine Magic October 2016 Picture

Assorted Poems by Vanessa are also on her archive page


Susan G.:
The Longest Fifteen Minutes
Prince Valiant's Revenge
Fishing Trip



Differential Diagnosis
By The Bite of The Silvery Moon

Spring Has Sprung

We Gather Here Today

Through The Eyes Of The Beholder
The Real Reason Roy Drives
"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" -
An answer to a challenge for Trainee
Rapid Descent *Written with Jane L.

Up A Tree *Written with Jane L.

A 2020 Conversation




Johnny's Easter Disaster Number . . .
Johnny, Mother's Day and Rampart
Just Thinking
Mother's Day Plans


Jackie Beechner, RN:
A Birthing Story
Roy comes to the aid of a critter. . .will he be much help?
Man Down
A Halloween story


Lizabeth S. Tucker:

Guilty Heart

Alternate ending to "Helpful".  Roy holds a grudge that could lead to the breakup of his partnership...or worse.
Never Forget

How did Roy and Joanne hear about the attacks on 9/11?
One Lonely Night

Johnny wonders about his life.

* * *
The next three stories are a series:
Only One Promise

Joanne and Johnny meet for the first time and she asks only one thing from him.
The Fire

Roy and Johnny are cut off during a brushfire.
There's A Hero

Johnny reveals his hero during an award ceremony.
* * *
Draggin' the Line

A Letter from Marco entry.  Marco tells his aunt about the new Station 51 crew.
Moments Like This

Missing scene from "Surprise".  What happened between the explosion and Johnny's appearance at Rampart?
Puppy Power

A Letter from Marco entry.  Marco's look at "The Mascot".
Near Misses
An alternate ending to the episode *An English Visitor*
Serpent's Snare

A Letter from Marco entry.  Marco writes to his Aunt Connie while waiting for word on Johnny's condition from "Snake Bite".
Kissin' Cousins

You never know who might be part of your Family Tree.
Rescued by Angels

A typical call from the view of the victim.

The Secret

Jennifer DeSoto simply has to tell her Uncle Johnny a deep dark secret about her Mommy.
Have a Very Happy Holiday

Roy is feeling the stress of the holidays and an inability to have quality time with his wife until one of Santa's more unusual elves has an idea.
What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve?

A main character dies.
East Side Story

A family get-together at Rosaria Lopez's house turns violent.
That Inner Glow

A story that follows the ep "Hang-Up"
Revenge is Sweet

Revenge makes for strange bedfellows and stranger friendships.
Headaches and Pain Relievers

Even Hank Stanley has his limits. 
No Time

Johnny has to think quick to save a schoolyard of children.
Calling All Angels

Did you ever wonder what life is like for Johnny's Guardian Angel?
Blinded by the Light

A child's toy almost seals Cap's fate.
Cap's Story

Sometimes a favor can have enormous repercussions.
The Ride-Along

An observer's view of the men of Station 51.

The Paramedic Tango

Johnny dances?
An alternate ending to 'Inheritance Tax'
The Long Weekend

Chet Kelly’s weekend of snow skiing turns into a nightmare.
Home at Last
(Sequel to "Never Forget"). Johnny is on his way home.

The Last Farewell

Roy witnesses a shooting and is marked for death.

A protest is received over Station51's Halloween display.

Makin' Whoopee

 Chet has a special costume.

The Question

 Johnny asks Joanne what is wrong with him? 

The Miracle of Christmas

Chet and Johnny are trapped in the middle of a fire.

Life Choices

Johnny speaks of the future while fishing with Roy.
Life Choices II

Sequel to Life Choices.  Roy asks Joanne if she'd rather he was in another line of work.
January Picture Story

February Picture Story

Seeing Green

Johnny develops an allergy to St. Patrick's Day.

April Picture Story
Only You

Johnny's late to work, but he has a strikingly good excuse.
May Picture Story


Johnny considers respect. A dialog story.
Post Halloween Blues

Johnny is feeling down, but Roy has just the solution.

Captains Three

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished



Heidi B.:

Where's The Welder? -
An alternate ending to Frequency
March Picture Story  -
co-written with Audrey W.


Karen Lewis:
Just A Second Earlier . . .
All it takes is one little mistake by someone else and life can change in an instant . . .



Cindy T.:
In the Arms of a Stranger
Light and Shadows



It's Only One Rescue



Stories by Kenda

A link directly to her site




June Picture Story

August Picture Story

The Battered Babysitter

The Rhyming Prankster

Missing. . .But Not Forgotten

Missing Years…Forgotten
Erasure of Guilt *co-authored with Jamie Simmons
Greed and the Sliding Pole - *An E! Poem

A Hauntin' We Will Go  *co-authored with Jamie Simmons

January Picture 2006  

La Muerte de Johnny Madrid
Night Visitor


These stories are in a series:

Order Up: Tall, Dark and Handsome

Order To Go: Steady and Sandy Blond


Order In: Cute and Cuddly



CHiPS/E! Crossover

Wedding Diary: Dreams DO Come True  by Pam




A Great Visit

A Bad Run








Time Out

Never Play God

Little Things


Playground Equipment
Sojourn Into Silence
September 2006 Picture Story

What the Boys Do


Emergency! Response
Four Letter Words
Survival of the Fittest

The Best Man

Come Saturday Morning

Brown Bagging It (October 2006 Picture Story)

Information, Please!

Johnny on the Spot

Something to be Thankful For

Johnny Gage Sings Christmas



Boring Old Married Guy

Never Say "Bored"

Trusting God and Johnny


Retirement Party


Attack of the Pod Paramedics


Dream Weaver

Letter to Johnny

Letter to Roy

Luck of the Not Even Slightly Irish

Papa Johnny's Blues

Just Say "Boo!"

Roy's Run

What's in a Name?

Jive Talking

Gage Blood

Indirect Method Coda


A Mile in My Wings

A Sunday in June

Bad Hare Day


The Wrong of Way

The Mighty Fireman, Chester B.
And Nothing But. . .

Roger Dodging



DiAnne Bay:
Sometimes . . .
Lady in Red


A Place for Everyone

White Noise
Big Brother is Watching
Second Chances
Friends to the End

The Season is Just as Good a Reason

Johnny's Present Dilemma 
A Simple Case of Mistaken Identity
A Hairy Situation
It's Done Like This
When the Day is Done
The Job and Life

Some Things Never Change
Summer Inferno
Fallen Ashes
Small Thanks
A Child's Eyes
- a poem

Drabbles by Di

More Drabbles by Di



Dark Before the Dawn

The Faster They Climb, The Harder They Fall

Vision Quest

Dirty Laundry



Christmas in Lost River

Above and Beyond. . .and Then Some

Don't Ever Cry, Just Remember

Baptized by Fire



Mary Ann V.
Sky Ride

Hindsight is Always 20/20


Letter to Hank



Doc Sara

Only Shades of Gray - August 2008 Picture Story

Sauce for the Goose

The Turning Point

"There's No Place Like Home"


The Chronicles of Mike Stoker
Haunted By The Past
Yesterday Once More


Missing Her  - June 2011 picture

One Early Morning  - August 2010 picture

Rescues Like This - September 2009 picture

Nightmare - December 2006 picture

Life and Death - Letters Challenge

Housing - February 2005 picture

Reconciliation - December 2007 picture

21 Questions - March 2007 picture

Johnny Knows - July 2014 picture






























Misc. Holiday Stories and Challenges

These are ones not listed on Guest Dispatchers or author archive pages

(These stories are linked)


Monthly Picture Stories

Stranded  by  Rona

What I See (August 2008 picture) by Deanna

My Turn to Drive! by Firechick51 (July 2007 picture)

Good News! by Firechick51 (June 2009 picture)

New Assignment By Firechick51 (March 2009 picture)
Wanted! By Firechick51 (October 2010 picture)

Personals  by  Writer JC (November 2012 picture)

A Helping Hand  by  Writer JC (January 2009 picture)



Stormy Story

A Dark and Stormy Night by Chetspet




The Curse  by  sta51fan 
Halloween Horror Or Treat and Trick? by Diana McMurtrey

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Uncle Johnny!  by Pattie H.

A Ghost Of A Chance by Icecat

Never Late by Vision

Decisions, Decisions  by Captain Jack

The Haunting of Johnny and Roy   by KSIA




Thanksgiving? by Icecat

Reason to Celebrate  by  Monster Moofie




Man, I Can’t Believe This! By  SQ51 Storywriter

The Christmas Spirit  By SQ51 Storywriter

Christmas Is A Feeling  By  Icecat

The Best Christmas Ever By Debbie Wills

Spirit  by KSIA



Valentines Day

My Valentine by Icecat62 

A Matter Of Trust by Pattie H



Saint Patrick's Day

Seeing Green  by  Pattie H.



Father's Day

My Dad   by  Monster Moofie



Bottom Line Challenge

Bottom Line -  Alt Ending  By  Lindasqd51



What's Wrong With Johnny?

Sudoku   by  Firechick51



Just Fun Page

A Horse Is A Horse by Icecat

Henry’s Lucky Day  by Wanda CH

Rosanne's EMERGENCY! Toys  (Not really a story, but. . .)

Challenge Stories: scenes with dialog only  (Many authors)

Just Another B & E: The Illustrated Version   Audrey W.

Five Minute Challenges (Many authors)


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