Involvement: Response 1

 by Audrey W.

As Roy and Johnny headed for the elevator after visiting Millie, Roy looked at his partner's empty hands.

"Where's the HT?"


"The HT. You didn't leave it down on Dixie's desk, did you?"

Johnny thought back to when they had started up to see Millie with Dixie McCall. "No. . .no, I picked it up and took it with us."

"Then where is it? Did you set it down in Millie's room?"

Johnny shook his head. "No. I didn't." He was quickly retracing his steps in his mind as he answered Roy's questions. The younger man remembered stopping to get a drink at the water fountain while Dixie and Roy had kept on towards the elevator. But the HT was then on his right wrist. Next there was the cute nurse he had tried to strike up a short conversation with while they waited for the elevator. But she ignored Johnny. Gage frowned as he recalled how snobbish she had acted.

Let some other poor soul deal with that one someday, he thought.

There was the even cuter nurse Johnny had chatted with inside the elevator. The nurse with the push cart of supplies. He thought back to how he had asked her for her phone number while Dixie and Roy talked about Millie. The young nurse asked for a pen to write her phone number with and Gage remembered offering his. He set the HT down. . .

"I've got it!" Johnny said, snapping his fingers.

"You know what you did with it?"

"Yeah. I set it down on the push cart that nurse had. You know, the one in the elevator."

Roy shook his head. "You and your obsession with nurses."

The paramedics got on the elevator and went in search of Johnny's nurse with the HT. Roy was thinking about how he wished his partner could resist a pretty face. Johnny was thinking how the HT was handy in more ways than one. He was going to see the cute nurse again.

No wonder they call it a Handie Talkie.

The end


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