Behind many EMERGENCY! bloopers is a story. . .or two.  . . or


In the episode ‘Gossip’, Johnny leaves the locker room at one point with his dark blue jacket.  But why are his hands empty? Hmmmm..

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John the Magician?   by  Audrey W.


In the episode ‘Old Engine Cram’, what was once known as a 1932 Dennis Fire Engine is being referenced to as a 1925 Paige Fire Truck. Why?

We Did What?   by  Audrey W.


In the episode ‘Snakebite’, when Johnny is being transported on the back of the engine after being bitten by a rattlesnake, Captain Stanley holds the microphone to the radio backwards when he talks to LA. Also a helmet is on Chet's head when they leave the scene, but in the middle of transport. hmmmm. . .  :o)


Say What?   by  Audrey W.


In the episode 'Fools',  Dr. Donaldson is doing a ride along, the engine and squad pull out and turn left before all the stations are dispatched and the location is announced.
*Courtesy of Ruth.

Fooled   by  Audrey W.


Here are a couple of good bloopers. In the episode 'Limelight', Roy goes to take a victim's pulse and *Kevin* discovers he doesn't have a watch on. OOps! But why ruin a take when a person can *fake*?  :o)  Also, a dog is called by its owners to come outside. Only problem is, it tries to go out the wrong CLOSED door. Ouch! 


Watches and Wonders   by  Audrey W.


**Note** This one below was a blooper on our part.  :o)  There isn't stock footage where Johnny is on Engine 8 in 'Nuisance' . . .but hey . . .it was still fun to play with this scenario. lol  But like a blooper spawns a story idea, a blooper of a blooper. . .well. . .see 'Plausible Denial' by Jill H.. it explains our blooper. :o)

How about this one. It comes from the episode 'Equipment' and then became stock footage after that. In 'Equipment' when they get the call to go to the construction site with the heart attack victim, Johnny is shown riding on the engine. Now look real closely when you watch Nuisance and  Station 8 is responding, there'll be Johnny on the engine. ;-)
*Courtesy Wanda H.

Roy's Two Nuisances  by  Audrey W.

Plausible Denial  by  Jill Hargan



You know how easily a kid can lose something....well....

In the episode 'Involvement', when Dixie takes Roy and Johnny to see Millie (the retired nurse), Johnny grabs the HT off the desk. But when they leave the elevator and enter the hospital room, it's gone. Where did it go? How did it end up not with them?

Response 1 by Audrey W.


In the episode 'To Buy or Not to Buy', the guys respond to a car wreck where a boy breaks his arm and a woman has a mild concussion, Johnny puts the drug box in the ambulance and then neither paramedic goes to the hospital with the patients. Fill in what would come next after the ambulance leaves. . .


Response 1  by Audrey W.

Caught  by Marty P.



Somehow we need to explain Johnny's frequent hair length discrepancies.

*Idea courtesy of Jill H.



Roy's Breakdown  by Audrey W.



In the episode Snake Bite, when Johnny is bitten by the rattlesnake, he drops the HT over the top of the car, and then when he sits down on the ground just a few seconds later, the HT is back in his hand.

*Idea courtesy of bekysu



A Contract Is A Contract  by  bekysu





In the episode 'Limelight', Roy finds himself without a watch on when he needs to take a victim's pulse. Where did it go?

*Idea courtesy of Terribv



Limelight Blooper  by Terribv



In the episode 'The Mouse',  when Station 51 first gets to the apartment fire where the plane crashed into the building, you hear Roy ask Johnny about getting the ladder. Soon after, Hank is telling Roy to grab a line. Captain Stanley requests for a second alarm to be called and there is a ladder set up against a walkway on the building to the side of Hank . Then the ladder is not there, and Roy and Johnny  are getting it off the engine.  Then Johnny is standing it up where it was before, to the side of Hank.



But. . .?  by  Audrey W.




In the episode 'Frequency', a guy (Zack) welds himself inside his "Masterpiece" (sculpture). When the guys raise it (by using a rope and pulley) to get the trapped man out, there's no welder inside with him. Makes you wonder where it went.....




Where's The Welder?  by  Heidi B. and Purry



In the episode 'Details', Johnny is talking to Roy in the locker room about Valerie and her kids. In one part, Roy moves his lips to what Johnny is saying. . .



Sidekick or Psychic?  by  Audrey W.

                             (Previously titled: That's My Line)



Erika and Rozane's site: has been used as a reference for some of these stories.



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