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Johnny's Easter Disaster Number ...

by Little Wolf  


We had to work this Easter which was fine by me. Last year we were off and I helped Roy hide Easter eggs for his kids at the park. Everything was going fine till I fell in a sinkhole. I twisted my ankle, broke my left arm and struck my head on a rock, which gave me a concussion. I cringe when I think back on it. The year before was no picnic either, I got bit by a snake in Royís backyard and the year before that I almost choked on one those marsh mellow Peepís. This year would be different, no accidents at least that's what I had hoped.

It all started when Roy and I were chosen to color eggs for the kids in the Pediatric Ward at Rampart. Everything was going great, how hard could it be to boil eggs and color them?

We stopped at the store to pick up the food coloring to dye the eggs. The store was packed with people buying last minute Easter candy and baskets. We were lucky to find what we needed. We had to wait twenty minutes at the checkout, I hate shopping.

Back at the station it was Chetís turn to cook, we walked in the kitchen and Cap was yelling at Chet. My jaw hit the floor when I saw what Chet had done. He dropped two of the four dozen eggs we had boiled the night before. Cap told us not to worry that they had bought more eggs and that they were already boiling. We had until six o'clock to get them to the hospital, it was three o'clock so as long as we didnít have any runs, we would've made it on time.

Chet cleaned up the egg mess and Roy and I colored the two dozen eggs that were left. Mike and Marco helped which helped us finish quicker. With that out of the way, we left the dye on the table and washed up.

The Engine got called out to a trash fire. While they were gone, Roy and I cleaned the dorm and locker rooms. I knew the eggs should be done, so I went to take them off the burner. It was five o'clock, we had less than an hour to get the eggs colored and delivered to Rampart.

The Engine crew was returning as I went into the kitchen. I lifted the pot from the burner and had it over the sink when Chet walked up behind me and startled me. Thatís when it happened, I jumped back and the pot of scalding hot water spilled down my chest and stomach. I didnít feel the burn right away, the only thing I was thinking at that moment was not to drop the eggs.

I put the pot in the sink, then turned to look at Chet. He was talking to me, but I couldnít understand what he was saying. I must have passed out, cause when I opened my eyes, I was in an ambulance on my way to the hospital. Roy asked how I was feeling, I told him I felt fine. He told me the morphine was doing itĎs job.

I spent the rest of Easter Sunday in the Emergency Room at Rampart General. I was lucky to have only first and second degree burns on my chest and stomach.

Laying in the hospital that night I came to the conclusion that next year on Easter I would spend the day at home, by myself, no working, no eggs, no marsh mellow Peeps, no nothing. I might not make it through any more Easter disasters.

The End

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