2012 Stories

New! 04/08/12

An E!aster Story of Sorts  by  Audrey W.



2011 Stories

The Easter Dilemma  by  Audrey W.




2009 Stories

Bad Hare Day  by  E!lf




Stories from 2008


Not an Egg-xact Science  by  Audrey W.

Another Easter with the DeSotos and John Gage



Stories from 2007


A Tale of Two Punches. . .Sorta  by  Audrey W.

It's a hit for Johnny at Easter time




Stories from 2005


An Easter Promise  by  Purry



An Easter Bunny Blunder?  by  Vanessa Sgroi





Stories from 2004

Happy Easter, Mister Bunny  by  Audrey W.

Jennifer has an idea for Easter


Easter Bunny Command Central  by  Vanessa Sgroi


Waste Not, Want Not  by  Purry






Stories from 2003

The Buster Bunny Blunder  by  Audrey W. 

Johnny and Roy run into a complication with Chris's chocolate bunny


A Little Bunny Buffoonery  by  Vanessa Sgroi


Not One Peep . . .  by  Purry


The Ugliest Egg   by   Terribv


"What? Why Me?"  by  Wanda C.


Johnny's Easter Tale  by  Purry


The Easter Turtle  by  Bekysu


Johnny's Easter Disaster Number . . .  by  LittleWolf






Stories from 2002



Letís Dye This Again by Audrey W.

The guys at the station have a little problem with coloring eggs


Heads, I Lose by Audrey W.

Johnny finds himself in a familiar situation after a run in with fangs


**Blame It On The Bunny ~ Part 1 by Audrey W. 

An Easter picnic spells trouble for Johnny


Blame It On The Bunny ~ Part 2 by Audrey W.

An Easter picnic spells trouble for Johnny

**This story has characters from, and references to, previous stories in the Amanda series.

 Though not necessary, you may want to look at them first. They can be found on the  Stories Page .