A Memorable  Party

By Canadagal



It was a Dark and Stormy Night and Johnny Gage was running late for the birthday party at Roy’s house.   He was supposed to be there early to help set up.  Johnny threw his half-eaten PB & J Sandwich in the garbage, certain that the food at the party was going to be better than the plain dry offering he had just discarded.


He grabbed the cardboard box that held the birthday cake and ran to his vehicle.  A few minutes later he arrived at the DeSoto’s house.  Roy had been watching impatiently for him to arrive, when Johnny rushed through the door.


“Where have you been?  Joanne will be back in a couple hours and we have to get this place decorated,” Roy said, his voice showing his anxiousness.


“Sorry, Roy, but the roads weren’t that great.  This storm is getting worse.  I am glad that most people attending this party are from around here and not outside the city like I live,” Johnny said.


“Sorry for getting short with you, I just want this party to be perfect, ” Roy laughed slightly, he held out the newspaper, “Joanne thinks I am picking out a movie for us to attend tonight and you are babysitting the kids”


“Guess we will fool her,” Johnny laughed, as he went to grab the step ladder.  He had the balloons and streamers to hang and Roy was working on getting the food organized. 


“I appreciate you helping Johnny.  I want this to be a memorable evening for Joanne.  She really deserves it,” Roy said, as he was chopping up vegetables in the kitchen.


“I am sure she will never forget tonight.   She definitely is going to be surprised, ”  Johnny replied.


Johnny  turned his attention to the pile of streamers and balloons.  He was twisting the pink and white streamers together, feeling like he was all thumbs.  ‘this is ridiculous, he thought, ‘why do women always want these silly things at parties’ he thought.  He leaned over to hook the end of the frilly paper to the corner of the room.  He continued to attach the various balloons and streamers in a zig zag pattern around the room.  When he was done he stood back to admire his work.


‘Not bad if I do say so myself,’ he thought.


Roy came into the room and saw the transformation.  “Looks great,” he smiled. 


Johnny went to help Roy bring the food out to the buffet table they had set up.  They spent the next 45 minutes putting the final touches on the place.  When they were done they stood back admiring their work and looking at their watches anxiously. 


“The guests should be arriving soon, we better tidy up the kitchen” Roy said rushing back that way.  Johnny followed him.    The kitchen was soon cleaned and they had time for a cup of coffee.  “Where are the kids tonight?” Johnny asked as he sipped the hot brew.


“They are staying at their friends house tonight.  I wanted this to be an adult only party” Roy explained.


“Sounds good.  I am sure they will have more fun there than with a bunch of boring adults,” Johnny laughed.


“Johnny when you are around things are never dull,” Roy teased.


“What do you mean by that? ” Johnny said, pretending he was insulted.


“Well, Junior, you have a tendency to make things interesting, shall we say” Roy joked.


“Not me, not tonight.  I am going to be calm, quiet, you will hardly even know I am here” Johnny said, in mock protest.


Roy just rolled his eyes. 


The pair headed back to the living room to wait for their guests to arrive.  The storm was getting louder and more intense.  Thunder was clapping loudly and the air was charged with electricity  from all the lightning.  One of the streamers let go and the corner tumbled down.  “Let me get that fixed up, ” Johnny said, rushing to grab the ladder again.  He quickly grabbed the tape and headed up.  Roy watched him twirling the streamer again, laughing at the fact that Johnny seemed to be doing it very well.  Johnny leaned to tape it as the power went off.  The room was instantly black.  Johnny was caught unaware and stumbled.  He had been leaning and when the room went dark he was startled.  He felt himself falling from the ladder.


Roy heard the loud crash and the sound of glass breaking.  “Johnny, you okay?” Roy asked worriedly.


Roy received no answer.  “Johnny?” Roy called again.


Roy made his way down the hallway to the closet, using his hands on the wall to guide him.  He knew he had a flashlight in there.  He fished around for the closet door handle, relieved when he finally found it.  He pulled the door open and reached up for the much needed light.  He flipped it on and headed right back to the living room.  He found Johnny lying on the ground. 


“Johnny, you okay?” Roy asked, as he approached his partner.  Roy shone the light up and down Johnny's  body.  He gasped when he saw the large gash on his arm.  Johnny had cut his arm on the glass corner table and the blood was flowing heavily.  Roy looked around for something to use as a tourniquet.  He didn’t see anything in the thin beam of light that his flashlight was offering.  He pulled off his black leather belt and tightened it around Johnny's arm.  Johnny moaned from the pressure.  Roy wanted to bandage the cut, but was concerned there was glass in it so he didn’t.


Roy looked around for the phone.  He picked it up and found the line dead.  “Damn it” he cursed to himself.  He felt the back of Johnny's  head and found a small lump.   “I have to get you to the hospital” Roy said out loud.


He didn’t like the idea of moving Johnny when he knew he had a possible head injury but the bleeding in Johnny's  arm was bad.  He looked at his watch.  ‘people should be here any minute’ he thought to himself.  He kept Johnny warm and quiet as he waited for someone to arrive to help him. Finally there was a knock on the door.  “Come in! Roy yelled.


Mike Stoker and Chet Kelly walked into the very dark room.  “OVER HERE!,” Roy yelled, “I need some help”


Mike and Chet didn’t ask any questions as they deposited the gifts they were carrying on a chair and hurried over. “What happened?” Chet asked,  as he saw Johnny lying unconscious on the ground.


“He fell when the lights went out. He was hanging streamers and he fell off the ladder.  We need to get him to the hospital,” Roy said.  “The phones are dead so we can’t call for an ambulance.”


“Let’s take him in the Rover.  It has that bed in the back,” Chet said.  There was another knock on the door and they all turned and yelled come in almost simultaneously.  They were never so relieved as they were at that moment.  Dr. Brackett and Dixie McCall walked in.


“Doc I need your help over here,” Roy said, quickly.  “Johnny fell from the ladder and cut his arm”


Kel didn’t hesitate as he crossed the room and dropped down on the ground beside the unconscious man.


“How long has he been down?” Kel asked.


“About 5-8 minutes,” Roy said, looking at his watch.  “I wanted to call for a squad and an ambulance but the phones are dead,” Roy explained.


Kel had Mike go and get his bag from his car and did a quick examination.  “I think we are safe to move him.  Let’s just be real careful when we do it”  Between the 4 men they carefully bundled Johnny up and carried him to the Rover.  Chet jumped behind the wheel, while Kel and Roy rode in the back.  They rushed off to Rampart.


Mike offered to stay behind to explain to the other guests what happened. 


Chet pulled into the ambulance bay a short time later.  The trip to the hospital had been very tense because the street lights were all out.  Roy ran inside to grab a gurney to transport Johnny inside.  Soon he was being rushed to a treatment room. 


Kel ordered some x-rays of Johnny's  arm and head.  He got the requested vitals and had Johnny  hooked up to an IV to replenish the lost blood volume.  Kel needed to know if there was any glass in the cut before it was stitched up.  Johnny had begun to wake up in the rover and was now fully awake.  “Man does my arm hurt, ” he complained.  “What happened?” he asked Roy.


“You fell hanging the streamers” Roy reminded him.  “Don’t you remember?”


“I remember twirling those silly things, yeah” Johnny admitted, then he paused, like he remembered something very important,  “Oh what about Jo’s party.  Damn I am sorry I am making a mess of it.  You worked so hard too” Johnny protested.


“Don’t worry about it.  Mike is there and I am sure he will take care of things for me.  Besides, you can’t really have a party with no lights” Roy reasoned.


A few minutes later Kel came back in.  “Well there is no glass in that cut.  We can stitch it up” he smiled.  “The x-ray shows a slight concussion but nothing to be too concerned about”


“Great then stitch me up and we can get back to the party,” Johnny smiled, hoping his bravado would win him an early release.


“I would like to admit you for the night.  You lost quite a bit of blood and you were unconscious for over 15 minutes,” Kel said.


“Aw come on Doc.  I really want to go to the party.  Heck I am going to be surrounded by paramedics, docs and the prettiest nurse at Rampart,” Johnny protested stronger.  “I really want to be at Jo’s party”


“Well let’s stitch you up and we’ll see,”  Kel said, smirking at Johnny's  persistence.  30 minutes later the IV was gone and Johnny's  arm was covered in a large bandage.  “Well doc can I go to the party?” Johnny asked, raising his eyebrows.


“Fine, but no drinking and you are going to take it easy AND you are staying at Roy’s overnight, no going home alone” Kel dictated his terms.  Johnny agreed to them all.  Kel didn’t really want him released,  but knew Johnny would be under the watchful eye of all his friends, and that would almost be worse than 24 observation at the hospital.


The group headed back to the DeSoto’s.  2 hours had passed since Johnny was rushed frantically to the hospital.  The power had finally been restored.


When they walked into the house the party was in full swing.  Joanne rushed over to the wayward group, “Johnny are you okay?” she asked concerned.


“Yeah I am fine” he gave her his patented half grin, “happy birthday” he said, kissing her on the cheek.


Roy and Kel guided him to the couch.  “You are to stay here and take it easy” they told him firmly. He just nodded, the truth was his arm was throbbing and he had one heck of a headache.  He was just glad to be at the party at all.  


When it came time to cut the cake later Joanne paused for a moment like she was making her wish, and then cut it.  Roy leaned into his wife, “I hope your wish comes true” he said, kissing her gently.


Joanne looked over at Johnny on the couch, and caught his eye.  “It already has. Johnny being okay is the best present I could have ever wished for”


Johnny blushed, as he raised his glass of water, “Happy Birthday Joanne”  


Everyone held their glasses high, “Happy Birthday!” they echoed.


Johnny had been right, this party would unforgettable.




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