The Dark and Stormy Challenge

(Idea courtesy of Ross)



Use these five items in an E! story of 2,000 words, or less:
a step ladder
a black, leather belt
a cardboard box
a newspaper
and, a half-eaten PB&J sandwich

Also the story has to start with the words, 'It was a dark and stormy night'.



Just a Regular Day  by  Wanda CH

                                 And Yet Another Day  by  Linda2


 The Dark and Stormy Story  by Peggy J. Bedingfield

        A Dark and Stormy Night  by    Chetspet


Angeles Arms Apprehension  by  Vanessa Sgroi

        Saved by the Bell  by Purry


 The Phantom Fire Brigade   by  Ross


      A Memorable Party  by  Canadagal


 The Battered Babysitter   by    LaJuan


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