Mischief Maker

by Purry


Sunny skies greeted the spectators that were lined up and down the street. Johnny, Roy and the rest of the A-shift crew, with the exception of Chet Kelly, watched as several drum and bagpipe corps and numerous floats passed by. They watched as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade continued, enjoying the festive mood, waiting for what they considered to be the main attraction.

One week earlier

Chet sat in Cap’s office waiting for his very angry boss. For the life of him he couldn’t figure out how his last Phantom prank had gone so wrong. He went over ever detail to insure that Gage would be the recipient of his latest masterpiece, but somehow his captain had been at the right place at the wrong time.

"I was set-up?!" realization hit the curly haired man. "Gage set me up! Man!"

Just then Hank Stanley walked in and, not so gently, shut the door. Kelly looked up and noticed that the dye hadn’t washed out and that his superior’s hair was still green. The look on Stanley’s face told him that he would be paying for this mishap for a while to come. Right then he decided to send the Phantom on a long vacation.

"Kelly, what do you have to say for yourself?" Cap questioned.

"Uhhh, Cap, I’m sorry. That was meant for Joh…. Uh, I mean….uh…" Chet stumbled.

"Kelly, I want the Phantom retired and I mean it. You will also have the pleasure of latrine duty indefinitely. Understood?"

"Yeeeeee, yes, Sir." Chet indeed did understand.

"Man, I got off pretty easy considering…" Chet’s thoughts were interrupted by Cap issuing one last order.

"But, Cap….." Chet pleaded.

"Can it, Chet. That’s an order." Stanley reiterated.

Back to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Excitement filled the air, what they had been waiting for was within sight. Mike, Marco and a still green haired Hank watched as the object of their attention drew closer. Johnny was so ecstatic over the event that Roy had to keep his jittery partner from stepping out onto the street.

"Here he comes." Johnny shouted.

"Yep, that’s him," Roy agreed laughing at the sight before them.

"My, my, don’t he fit the image?" Johnny giggled.

"Yeah, he does," Marco stated before a fit of laughter over took him.

"Oh goodness, this is too funny," Mike cackled.

Hank Stanley just stood there with a big smile on his face. His revenge had been carried out and the pleasure he received was more than he ever thought it could have been.

Chet Kelly came strolling toward them wearing a bright green leprechaun suit, pointy toed shoes with green and white striped stockings. He had a reddish beard and freckles that had been drawn on, and carried a pot-a-gold crock that held candy to be distributed to the crowd.

The perfect punishment for the Irish mischief maker, Cap concluded.


The End

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


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