My Mommy

by Jennifer DeSoto

My mommy is the bestest mommy in the whole wide world. She takes good care of me and my brother Chris, even though Iíve heard her say, we can be a handful sometimes.

She does all kinds of stuff for us like, she cooks for us and takes us to school. She also washes our clothes and makes our beds.

When we are sick, she gives us medicine to make us better and stays with us until we fall asleep. Thereís nothing better than a kiss from my mommy to make me feel better.

My daddy says mommy is beautiful and I think heís right. Sheís fun too. Sheíll play games with us and take us places like the zoo. We even have girls day. Thatís when just me and her go shopping or to the movies.

She does things with Chris too, like going to his little league games.

My Uncle Johnny says my daddy is one lucky man to be married to such a wonderful woman. That means he thinks mommy is special.

Mommy is special and thatís why I think she should be Mother of the Year. If everyone had a mom like mine, they would always feel loved.

So when you choose who should win, please pick Joanne DeSoto, thatís my mom and I think she deserves it.

Thank you,

Jennifer DeSoto



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