'Twas The Night Before Christmas (E! Style)

By Becca

'Twas the night before Christmas
And throughout 51's
All of A-shift was hoping
For a night with no runs.

In just a few hours
They'd be home safe and sound
With their families and friends
All gathered around.

When out of their beds
The men suddenly sprang
As the familiar sound
Of the Klaxon bells rang.

A house was on fire
Not a second to waste
Yet they gave not a thought
To the dangers they faced.

Captain Stanley stood strong
As he called each command
And his men carried out
The attack he had planned.

They knew that the blaze
Must be quickly knocked down
For a child was trapped
And she had to be found.

Stoker manned all the pumps
And the hoses quite well
As the other four crewmen
Walked straight into hell.

Chet, Marco and Roy
Searched each bedroom and hall
But it was Johnny who first heard
A tiny voice call.

And within a few seconds
The medic had found
A small, frightened girl
Huddled close to the ground.

"Don't be afraid sweetheart
Let's go for a ride
I'll take you to Daddy
And Mommy outside."

Gathered in his strong arms
She held on oh-so-tight
As he whisked her to safety
That cold winter's night.

With the family safe
And the fire expired
The men headed back
Wet, frozen and tired.

It's all part of the job
But each knew in his heart
That a life had been saved
And they'd all played a part.

So although they were weary
They were also quite thrilled
For each man's Christmas wish
Had already been filled.

And with just a few hours
Until Christmas morn
The six firemen
Headed into the dorm.

But they heard a voice say
As they turned out the light
"Happy Christmas to all
And to all a goodnight!"

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