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Christmas Stories


New! 12/08/20

Patchwork  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


The Gift of Giving  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


The Package  By  Marty P.

Letters From Santa  By  Marty P.

Santa Takes Action  By  Marty P.

A Christmas Contradiction   By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


Branching Out   By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


Adults vs Kids   By  Audrey W.

The Tumbleweed Connection   By  Audrey W.

Glitter Gage By  Audrey W.

Ho, Ho, Who?  By Vanessa Sgroi

Christmas Stories


A Christmas Dialogue   By  Audrey W.

Now That's Special   By  Audrey W.

Down For Christmas   By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


Hook, Line and . . .Santa?   By  Audrey W.

Left Holding the Bag   By  Audrey W.

Merry Christmas!   By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


The Fix  By  Audrey W.

The Unveiling  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


Not Quite the Plan   By   Marty P.

The Value of a Red-Nosed Reindeer  By  Audrey W.

I Saw It On TV  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


You've Gotta Have Drive  By  Audrey W.

'Tis Better to Give Than to Receive By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


'Oh, Christmas Tree. . .'  By  Audrey W.

Now, That's a Challenge!  By  Audrey W.

Treasures  By  Audrey W.

Perhaps  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Kits  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


Christmas in Lost River  By Morningwolf

Claus for Concern By  Audrey W.

Johnny, Roy and Christmas Eve

Christmas Calls   By   Marty P.

Spirit   By   Kindred Spirits IA Writers

The Season is Just as Good a Reason   By  Di

Johnny's Present Dilemma  By  Dianne Bay

Destiny  By  Audrey W.

From the holiday challenges page

   A Christmas Wish Comes True By Canadagal

In Reverse  By  Audrey W.

It's a Wrap!  By  Audrey W.

Christmas Stories


MorE! Christmas Carols

The Christmas Card  By  Audrey W.

Tradition  By  Marty P.

Christmas Stories



Santa's Grouchy Helper  By Vanessa Sgroi


Sentimental Journey  By  Audrey W.


Johnny Gage Sings Christmas  By  E!lf


 Merry Christmas?  By  Audrey W.


15:13 By  E!lf


Nativity  By  E!lf


Christmas Stories



The Best Christmas Ever By  Debbie Wills


 The Project  By  Audrey W.


Johnny's Twelve Days of Christmas Owies

A parody By Satchie and Audrey W.


Cane Mutiny  By  Purry


Christmas Parodies  By  Katwoman & Audrey W.


Christmas Discovery  By  Audrey W.


Christmas Stories



One Wish  By  Mychand


  The Miracle of Christmas  By  Lizabeth S. Tucker


    Surviving December  By  Audrey W.


Christmas Eve  By Vanessa Sgroi


Christmas Stories



Here Comes Santa Claus  By  Vanessa Sgroi


Twinkle, Twinkle  By  Purry


The Secret   By  Lizabeth S. Tucker


From the Ashes  By  Vanessa Sgroi


The Mission  By  Audrey W.

Johnny tries to help Roy keep the magic of Christmas alive


Smile  By  Audrey W.

Chris DeSoto finds himself missing something at the holiday


 Have a Very Happy Holiday  By  Lizabeth S. Tucker


Christmas Phenomenon  By Purry


Santa Down  By  Linda2 & Audrey W.


Happy Holidays . . . Our dogs in Christmas attire. :o)


Christmas Dolphins  . . . drawn by Chelsea


Christmas Butterflies . . . a drawing by Chelsea


Christmas Stories



The Letter Home By Peggy J. Bedingfield


Finding Christmas  By  Vanessa Sgroi


 Christmas In Paradise  By  Linda2


The Fine Feathered Friend  By  Audrey W.

A woodpecker is only the beginning of Johnny's problems


Christmas In L.A.  By  Wanda C.


'Tis The Season  By  Audrey W.

The guys come to Marco's aid


An Unexpected Gift  By  Ziggy


The Christmas Wish  By  Audrey W.

Jennifer gives Johnny a special gift


'Twas The Night Before Christmas (E! Style)  By  Becca


A Christmas Journey  By  Jane L.


Happy Holidays . . A picture by Chelsea (age 8 years old)


Merry Christmas  .  . . Another picture by Chelsea


Christmas Scene  by  Chelsea


A Christmas Message  by  Chelsea


Christmas Stories



Up On The House Top  By  Peggy


Man, I Canít Believe This! By  SQ51 Storywriter


The Christmas Spirit  By SQ51 Storywriter


Christmas Memories  By  Audrey W.

A Christmas catalog brings back memories


Christmas Is A Feeling  By  Icecat


Good Intentions   By  Audrey W.

Roy gets more help than he wants with cards


Christmas Is For Family  By  Jane L.


A Puzzling Christmas By  Audrey W.

A Rubiks cube and Johnny



*Merry Christmas!*



Stories 2012


After the Sales  By  Audrey W.

*Another after Christmas story, a revisited theme with a different twist.  :o)


Stories 2011


$avings  By  Audrey W.

*An after Christmas story


Stories 2008


Ready For a New Year  By  Audrey W.


Stories 2006


50% Drop  By  Purry


New Year, New Gage?  By  Audrey W.


Roll Over  By  Purry


Stories 2004/05


A Little New Year Surprise  By  Audrey W.


Friends Not Forgotten  By  Mychand


Just a Few More Days  By  Purry


Stories 2003/04


What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve?  By  Lizabeth S. Tucker


It's the Thought That Counts  By  Purry


Stories 2002


Thanks For The . . . Memories?  By  Audrey W.


Stories 2001


  A New Yearís  Eve To Forget  By Audrey W.


With A Little Help From My Friends  By  Jane L.


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