Now That's Special

By Audrey W


"Ah man. Are you kiddin' me?  Another red light?"

Roy DeSoto glanced at his passenger and paramedic partner John Gage. The frustration in the younger man's voice was more than evident.

"Why so surprised? It's bound to happen when we really want to get back to the station."

Gage looked anxiously at his watch, then the still red traffic signal they'd come up on.

"C'mon, man. . .change. . .change. . ." he mumbled under his breath.

As if by his command, the light turned green and the paramedics were once again on their way. John looked at DeSoto and smiled.

Roy resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Instead he just commented, "We might just make it on time, yet."

"I hope so. Ya know, it's just not Christmas without it."

That comment had Roy thinking.

The two had been partners at Station 51 for just under a year, so it was their first Christmas season as friends and co-workers. Though Johnny was obviously raised with good values, it still surprised the senior paramedic that the skirt-chasing bachelor was so devoted to the traditional Christmas specials on TV, such as Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, and the one they were racing back to see now, Frank Manzell's Family Christmas.

He wondered. . .

"So is this a tradition with your family? Watching all these holiday specials on TV. . .or something you started on your own?"

"Oh both. . .sorta. I used to watch with my parents and sister. . .sometimes with my grandparents. I wasn't very interested, though, early on. It seemed kinda corny, ya know? Then as I grew up more," he added with a lopsided grin, "I guess you could say I came to appreciate them more."

"For me, after growing up with Bing Crosby and Andy Williams specials, it's like getting together with close friends for Christmas."

Roy wasn't sure his words had even been heard. Gage just sighed in response when they had to stop for another red light.

"Man. . .this is ridiculous. . ." he grumbled after a quick glance at his watch again.




Finally at the station, John almost exited the squad before Roy had it completely stopped. The latter shook his head when he found himself alone in the cab seconds after he did have it parked in the apparatus bay. He opened the driver's side door and climbed out, then made his way to the dayroom where the rest of the crew was gathered in front of the TV. They'd pulled the chairs away from the table at the kitchen end of the room and sat in a half circle, attention locked on the screen.

"It just started," Gage called out to his partner as he sat in a chair he'd already grabbed and placed near the others.

Chet Kelly glanced at the new arrivals in annoyance. "Shhh."

Roy eyed the five men intently focused on the opening musical production, which featured the host of the show and his buxom blonde bombshell wife, Karen.

"What a talented couple," Captain Stanley remarked.

Mike Stoker nodded on agreement. "I think they're one of my favorite pair."

"I know they're one of my favorite pairs," Chet commented with a sigh and shake of his head, his gaze locked on Karen.

Gage nudged him in the side with a sly grin before adding, "Man, that is one hot chic. Too bad we only get ta see 'er once a year."

It was then Roy realized what his partner and Chet had come to appreciate about the specials, besides the Christmas theme. He wasn't surprised.

'Girl season' was year-round for the two bachelor firemen.



This was inspired by the old Christmas specials. I figured John and Chet would have their own take on them. :o)



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