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Autographed Pictures


I haven't had the good fortune of meeting Randolph Mantooth myself, but Nancy T. (The Nifty Lady)

was great and got my pictures signed when she met him quite a few years ago.

I wanted to share these. If you want to right click and copy/save them, feel free to.





Station 127 Visit, November 2008

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E! and Other Pictures

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Other Photos


Audrey and Jane L. June 23, 2002

Jane came down with her family and we all hit it off great! Felt like we'd known each other for years. Even our husbands got along! How nice that they both were willing to go along with us getting together. Hers even drove an extra 100 miles just so we could meet at my home! Then we took the kids to Peter Piper Pizza for the afternoon and it was a blast! My daughter was in tears when they left. Jane and I felt kind of sad, too. We wished we lived closer together.  But maybe there'll be another time. We're hoping! :o)






A dust storm approaching in June




The dust 'consumes' the mountains off in the distance





The Stanley Hotel -  finally got to go in for a tour of it! :o)




Still at the Stanley Hotel, me with a

 Fire Engine :o) 



Colorado Pictures 2014

(just a few again)



Elk and babies out in the wild






Elk babies playing







Evergreen Lake



Evergreen Dam (with a



A couple of expectant deer




Echo Lake




Colorado Pictures 2013

(just a few)



The raccoon that comes around the yard every day (or night).  :o)




The fox. He comes around daily as well.  :o)



One of the deer that's pregnant. We could

see her baby kicking and moving around.

Cute, huh?  :o)



A beautiful scene not far from Vail.


An awesome scene in Bear Creek Canyon.



Colorado Pictures 2009

*Click above if you want to see some pictures from a few visits to the foothills area :o)





Sea World 2007


*Click above if you want to see a few pictures from a couple of our weekend get-aways. :o)

This was a dream-come-true for our daughter as she just wanted to pet a dolphin so bad.





The Memorial at Arlington Cemetery for

Space Shuttle Challenger


A link to a site in tribute to the astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Challenger that shows the image to the left in greater detail.



A link to a new tribute to the astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Columbia.



Air Refueling of an F-15


Painting By Susan Tsoupakis

 during the Persian Gulf War


Cave Creek Complex Fire June 28, 2005


Cave Creek Complex Fire June 28, 2005


Cave Creek Complex Fire June 28, 2005

At dusk we could see the flames


Cave Creek Complex Fire June 28, 2005

At dusk again with the flames



Junior - about 10 weeks old


Scully - about 10 weeks old


Junior and Scully



Junior and Scully




Miss Jessie Kitty - about 16 weeks old




Miss Jessie Kitty - about 16 weeks old


Carter - about 6 weeks old



Carter - about 6 weeks old



Bandit - 6 weeks old




Bandit sleeping - 6 weeks old



Dylan and Jessie



June 2007 - April 14, 2015




Dylan - 9 weeks old


Dylan in his Kitty house


More of Dylan


Dylan at Christmas time



Luey - approx. 7 weeks old



Luey again

February 2003 - December 31, 2016




Nick and Lily

(Lily April 1998 - February 2012)



Gage the pup


Joey and Nick




August 7, 1999 - June 26, 2006  



 September 2001 - June 1, 2018



 Dec 21, 1991 - May 9, 2007




Caterpillars that morph into what we call 'humbugs'

(big moths - females have pink wings, males have blue)





Scorpion on the front porch

(note: he's not missing anything, but is partially under a couple of things)




Scorpion we found in the back yard.

(don't worry, we let him go and he went on his merry way)



We found a small scorpion in our yard using a black light.




A rooster that wandered into our yard 




A katydid in the desert






The rooster had one lone feather for a tail the

next day. The neighbor's dog chased after

him the next morning and this was the end result. . .

literally, I guess.




A baby toad that showed up when I got home from work

one morning



The baby toad up close. His shadow cracks me up! lol




Gecko - love these critters, so cute! :o)




This parakeet was hanging out with the sparrows.

He came every day for feeding twice a day,

then left when some of them did



Another rattlesnake in the yard


My husband snared the snake to move it, but it came

right back in the yard, so we left it alone after that




The 'dinosaur' lizard that lives in the yard. We call him that

because he's twice the size (about) of the other lizard Lizzy.

They're mates.


Two young road runners


Yard visitor July 2010

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June 9th a.m. yard critters

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The hawk that stops by, this

around Christmas time. I didn't know

they could turn their heads all the way

around backwards!  :o)


The hawk today, in February.



This was in December, the bunny eating with

a cactus wren and a chickadee. The chickadee still

 eats with the bunnies in the same spot. :o)


The rock squirrel is back after six months

of hibernating under our deck. :o)


Heard me taking pictures. :o)



Saw me in the window! :o)




A cute couple out eating.  :o)



Our newest yard critter.

We don't know where he came from,

 squirrels aren't around here at all. Not where WE live.

Poor squirrel has no playmates. I keep joking we'll end

up with squunnies! :o)



Eating birdseed






Lizzy, a female lizard we've been 

watching grow over the past four years.

She's used to us for the most part.





His cheeks are full of birdseed! :o)





Mother quail and her toddlers



More kids visible here, looks like she has 20.

The parents know exactly how many they have

 and they keep track of them all.



Another cute baby bunny



Might be the same baby bunny



An icky big spider that freaked me out.




The 6 foot long bullsnake that lives under our shed.



Remember the baby bunny with the white spot on its head?

The picture is down below and to the right.


Here is that little bunny as of the other day. :o)



This isn't real recent, but we had a small one on the window

the other day and so I decided to post this. A walking stick on our bedroom window. It was about 4 or 5 inches top to bottom.



Not our yard critters. This is at my

parents' home in Colorado.



Walking stick face up close.




A mother roadrunner and her babies


They were competing for her attention.



A baby prairie dog/ground squirrel without its momma- *sniff*

my husband is holding it



It's only about 3 inches from nose to tail tip.

We can only hope it does okay on its own.



The birds at feeding time



A baby bunny in our yard - it's doing great

after three weeks of watching it on its own.




A bull snake in the shed



He's about 6 feet long




Red Racer Snake



The Broken Legged Bunny

(She gets around good though!)

And mated, so we hope to see a baby from her.


Mad rattlesnake near our home -

He wasn't full of 'food', but puffed up to look bigger



Poised to strike





Baby horny toad - with a bottle cap


Cold lizard


Cold baby bullsnake


Cold baby bullsnake





Baby bunny on the left with its

mom or dad probably





The baby bunny up closer.




Ground squirrel/prairie dog with stuffed

cheeks and drinking water.




Ground squirrel/prairie dog looking around



Wild donkey in the front yard. Somehow

 he got a stick balancing on his rear end.





The donkey leaving after getting the birdseed

 he wanted. The stick is still balancing. :o)


Spider in his home in backyard


Jackrabbit in front yard


 Momma and baby quail


Bunny lounging on our walk-over bridge.


Baby quail with their parents and bunnies




Scorpion Chuck caught and turned loose again.


Desert Toad or Frog in the front yard


King Snake in the front yard


Mother quail and her 12 babies in the front yard


A hawk in the front yard bushes


A back yard *visitor*



The kitty that just hangs around the yard



Another back yard *visitor*. . .

Chuck brought him to the front door to show me, so I had to take a picture. :o)



The Race at PIR



A front yard *visitor*



At the Nascar race at PIR


The Sonoran Desert


Future Fire Fighter?


Former Air Force  :o)


Good Memories!

Mark Hamill and Audrey in March 1987

Audrey, Mark, and a friend in May 1987


Audrey and Mark Hamill

NYC August 1987





Audrey (from behind) and Darnell Dockett of the

Arizona Cardinals - Super Bowl Week 1/26/2008


Little Big Town and us 11/07/08



Little Big Town's autographs on the back of my shirt. :o)



My number ONE guy!

One of my favorite snapshots of Chuck



Me, June 2013

(Just so you know who you're 'hearing'

 from with updates and such)