Roy's Two Nuisances

By Audrey W.

Roy was getting out of the squad at the scene of the fire when he saw his regular partner, John Gage, climbing down from Engine 8. His supposedly injured and in the hospital partner.

"Johnny?" It can't be him . . . what's he doin HERE?

"What was that, DeSoto?" Craig Brice asked as he met up with Roy.

Not wanting to get the perfect paramedic on his case already, Roy didn't say anything, but went to Captain Stanley for an answer.

"Cap, what's Johnny doing with Engine 8? Isn't he supposed to still be in Rampart?"

Hank Stanley got a panicked look in his eyes as he glanced over at the engine.

Damn. How am I gonna explain THIS to Roy?

Realizing there was no way around the truth, Hank sighed. "That's not John. That's his stunt double."

Roy was puzzled. "His stunt double? What do you mean 'stunt double'?"

"Well, you see. . .Roy. . ." the captain forced a snicker, hoping DeSoto would see the humor in the situation as well. It didn't seem to be working. "John doesn't always do his own stunts on these rescues."

"Whataya' mean he doesn't? And what do you mean by 'stunts'? This is work. . .real rescues for cryin' out loud."

"Yes, you're right. It is and they are. But it's in John's contract that he can have someone step in and do some of his. . .and, well. . .sometimes, when you aren't right there with 'im, the stunt double steps in and does the climbing or rapelling."

"You're kidding me, right?"

Hank shook his head.

"Well, no wonderJohnny can do all that extra stuff he does on rescues. It's not even him all the time."

Hank nodded, smiling. Well, that went better than I thought. He frowned at Roy's next question.

"So why don't I get a stunt double? Then it would look like I  could easily do high rescues and stuff."

He coudn't leave well enough alone, the captain thought. "You're the senior paramedic. You're expected to do it all. John on the other hand--"

"Is younger and came into the program after me," Roy finished for his superior.

The two men watched as Johnny's stunt double manned a hose to help fight the fire.

No wonder he has women swooning for him. They *think* he can do it all.


Back at Rampart Johnny was watching the news coverage of the fire. Soon his physical therapist joined him, and was watching the news with him.

Suddenly she asked, "Hey, isn't that YOU fighting that fire? How can that be? You're here!"

Johnny frowned, knowing he was going to be in for an ear full when he told the truth. I wish he could step in for me now.


Later as Roy was carried out of the building on a stretcher, he looked up to see Johnny. . .no Johnny's fill-in . . .standing nearby now observing. DeSoto reached up and weakly grabbed Captain Stanley's left arm. "Dou. ...ble . . .st . . .stunt. . .dou. . .ble. . .for . . .me. . .ple. ..ease."

"What did he say? Did he just ask for a stunt double?" Chet asked as Roy was lifted into the ambulance.

Captain Stanley knew everything was going to be okay now. He could blame any mention of Johnny having a stunt double on Roy's concussion. Hank Shrugged. "Don't ask me. You know how it is when a guy has a head injury."

Chet nodded. "The poor guy thinks he's in the movies."

The End