A Ruff Situation

By Audrey W. 


This picks up just after Johnny grabs the ladyís handbag from the purse snatcher. . .


Still holding the purse, Johnny placed his arms up on the wall and leaned forward in relief. He took a deep breath to recover from the exertion from running. The paramedic could feel sweat on the back of his shirt as the cloth clung to his skin.


Suddenly the sound of a growl caused Gage to tense up and he slowly turned around, expecting to see a large dog watching him. But to his surprise it was a rather small dog, not even up to the paramedicís knees in height. It looked like it could be a friendly mut if calmed down, but it only took a second for Johnny to realize the little black dog with the big growl meant business.


ďOh no.Ē


The paramedic gave a friendly smile in an attempt to send a message to the dog that he was not the enemy. Another growl and the baring of the dogís teeth gave evidence the smile wasnít working. ďHey. . .Ē Johnny quickly glanced for the obvious clue of the animalís gender. ď. . .there, boy. Itís okay. Iím not gonna hurt nothiní, man.Ē He slowly took one step to the side all the while talking to the animal in a soft tone. ďItís all right, doggy. Itís okay.Ē


Man, that guy *had* to run through this yard. I guess I should look at the bright side. The dogís bark is obviously bigger than his bite, he thought sarcastically.


Johnny took another step towards what would be his escape from the yard, when the little dog got a step closer to him, still growling.


I wonder if Ed Marlow ran into any problems like this?


Growing tired of the standoff and not wanting to chance getting caught being held prisoner by a small mutt by Roy or the new trainee, Johnny tried to think of a quick way out.


Suddenly a white cat came running into and through the yard. The dog forgot all about the paramedic as it took off after the cat. Johnny sighed with relief as he watched both animals disappear around the corner of the house.  


I never thought Iíd ever say this, but I love cats. At least that one.


Carrying the stolen purse in his hand, Johnny wearily made his way back to the squad to meet up with Roy and Ed Marlow.


Iím glad we donít go through this every day.



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