In the EMERGENCY! episode 'Trainee', Johnny chases after a purse snatcher. He finally manages to grab the purse from the guy, only to find out he's left in a strange yard with a strange dog and it doesn't sound happy to see him. How did Johnny get away from the dog?


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Dog Gone It!  by Jill Hargan

A Ruff Situation  by  Audrey W.

Nice Doggy? by Vanessa Sgroi

Doggonnit  by  Wanda Hargrove

Puttin' On The Dog  by Purry

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"  by Whisper

Trainee Dog Challenge by  Ziggy

The Way It Mighta Been  by  Marty P.

"Oh Man!"  by  Wanda C.


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