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Saluting the Red, White and Blue

By Purry

This story is a sequel to Not Your Usual Gift


The tones sounded at Station 51 waking up the peacefully sleeping men of the A-shift crew. Captain Hank Stanley acknowledged the dispatcher then proceeded to pull on his bunkers. The rest of the men followed suit. At eight A.M., they would be finished working their shift and would have the next two days off.

Today just happened to be July fourth, Independence Day. This was a special day for all America, the two hundredth birthday of a wonderful nation. To celebrate the holiday, the DeSoto’s had invited Roy’s co-workers and their families to a backyard barbecue.

As soon as the guys got off shift, Roy and Johnny headed to the DeSoto home to prepare for the festivities. Activities such as volleyball, horseshoes and lawn darts were just some of the games that were going to be set up for the guests to partake in. Of course, there would be plenty of food too.

Pulling his truck into the driveway, Roy emerged carrying the last minute provisions needed to help put the finishing touches to the day Joann had planned. The back door flew open to reveal two blond haired, blue-eyed children.

Jennifer, Roy’s youngest, ran up to her father.

"Hi Daddy, Happy Inpence Day." she sang out.

Before he could acknowledge her greeting, his son Chris bounded up to him and told him Happy Fourth of July.

"Well kids, Happy Independence Day and July 4th to both of you. Now do I get a welcome home hug?"


Johnny parked his Rover at the curb in front of Roy and Joanne’s house. Spying three of his favorite people standing in the driveway, he strode up just as he heard Roy ask for hugs. His heart swelled from the sight of the sweet family scene. He envied the life Roy had and hoped, one day, he would be as fortunate as his partner.

Walking up to the trio, John asked. "How about me? Do I get a hug, also?"

"Uncle Johnny! Uncle Johnny!" Both kids yelled in unison.

Jennifer and Chris rushed over to Johnny. Stooping down, he gathered both children in his arms, relishing in the warmth of the loving embrace.

The two adults lead the youngsters into the house where Joanne DeSoto had been getting the food ready for the barbecue. Greeting her husband with a kiss and John with a peck on his cheek she asked, "How was work?"

"Quiet!" was the response Roy offered.

"You guys sit down, and I’ll get you some breakfast. I hope you’re in the mood for pancakes."

After a hardy meal, Roy excused himself so he could go change into some shorts and tee shirt. Just as he was rising from the table, Jennifer brought up a topic that he had pushed to the back of his mind since Father’s Day.

"Daddy?" the sweet little voice of his daughter queried.

"Yes, punkin!"

"Are you going to wear your Father’s Day present today?"

There it was, the question that caused fear to run through his entire body. No rescue or fire could cause this amount of fright. The question he hoped never got asked. But there it was. How was he going to get out of this? He didn’t want to go back on his promise. A promise he made just two weeks ago to his sweet little blue eyed girl. Sure he could tell her he wore the gift and she’d be none the wiser. But he would know that he’d lied and lying to his daughter was just not an option. Maybe he could reason with her. Yeah, maybe. It was worth a shot.

"Jen, honey, daddy really doesn’t think he should wear his present today."

"But Daddy, *you* promised." Jennifer whined.

"Yeah, Dad, you promised." Chris had to throw in his two cents worth.

"I know, Daddy promised. I just think I should save them." Roy said trying to weasel out of the situation.

"They are for Inpence day. That’s today." Jen reasoned.

"I know, it’s just that Daddy….."

With tears in her eyes, Jennifer looked at Roy and sniffed. "You didn’t like your present, that’s why you don’t want to wear it."

Feeling like a heal, Roy reached down and picked up his weeping child and tried to comfort her.

"I do like my present." Roy soothed.

"But you don’t want to wear it." Jen sobbed out.

"Daddy will wear it." Roy gave in.

Having his kids think he’d go back on his word was enough to make up his mind. He’d wear the damn thing and be done with it.

"You will?!?" Jen piped out.

"Sure! Now go wash your face and go help Mommy get things ready."

"Ok!" the once again happy little girl skipped off.

"Ok, Dad!" Chris said.

Roy turned as he headed out of the kitchen and gave John a look that said ‘I’m going to kill you.’ Johnny had the decency to wipe the smile off his face.

As soon as Roy departed to change his clothes and put on his Father’s Day gift, Joanne and Johnny broke out into a fit of laughter.



Up in the master bedroom, Roy stood apprehensively in front of his dresser drawer. Dreading beyond dread the task of wearing the present he’d promised that he would wear.

"I can do it. It’s just one day. No one will know except my family." Roy gave himself a pep talk.

Opening up the bottom draw, he moved a few things around, until his hands found what he was searching for. Emerging from the dresser was a box labeled Yankee Doodle Underwear.

Taking a deep breath, Roy opened the box. For the second time in not so many weeks, he was holding the contraption that was called a thong. He looked over the skimpy garment and planned his attack.

Once he had the thong on, he looked at himself in the full length mirror that stood in the corner of the bedroom.

"Oh my….!" Roy exclaimed with a gasp when his saw his reflection.

His face turned a deep dark red as he viewed the image that stared back at him. Unable to believe someone actually invented such a thing. The small piece of cloth barely covered anything, not to mention the permanent wedgie that he was now experiencing.

"I can’t let *anyone* see me in this…this…butt floss."

Roy hurriedly pulled on his shorts and tee and headed back down stairs. Joanne and Johnny were still in the kitchen talking. When he got close enough to the door, he could tell that he was the topic of conversation. He gave the door a mighty push and entered the room. All talk had ceased.



While Roy was changing, John and Jo sat in the kitchen enjoying a cup of coffee. The kids had went out to play, leaving the two adults to discuss the events of what had just transpired between Jennifer and Roy.

"Poor, Roy!" Joanne expressed.

"Yeah! Man, he’s gonna kill me. Did you see the look he gave me?" Johnny worried.

Joanne started giggling.

"What’s so funny?" Johnny asked.

"I just can’t believe Roy’s going to wear those… that… thing, just to make Jennifer happy. It’s not like she’d ever know."

"Roy’s an honorable man, Jo. I’ve seen him with you and the kids. He’s not going to go back on a promise. How would that make him look to his family? No, Roy’s, gotta go through with it. I’m just afraid of the consequences."

"What consequences, Johnny?"

"The consequences that I’m going to suffer through. Remember, I took the kids Father’s Day shopping and helped Jenny get the gift."

"You’re right! Your day of reckoning will come, I’m sure." Jo said with another giggle.

"Gee thanks!" Johnny sullenly replied.

Just then the door flew open, and Roy entered the kitchen. Both Johnny and Joanne took one look at him and knew that he probably heard their conversation.

As if he didn’t hear any of their chat, Roy walked over to the coffee pot and poured himself a cup of coffee.

"So what do we need to get done before the guests arrive?" Roy asked as he joined his wife and best friend at the table.

The threesome discussed the days events and what task needed to be completed. Once the plans were set and the coffee gone, John and Roy headed to the back yard to set up the volleyball net and the stakes for a possible game of horseshoes. Once that was accomplished, they moved on to assemble the folding lawn chairs and umbrellas.

Working in companionable silence, nothing was every said about the explicit undies Roy now wore.


Around noon, the first of the guests started to arrive. Mike Stoker and his two nephews arrived just few minutes before Hank Stanley and his wife Helen. Marco Lopez was next to arrive with his mother and sister, Maria. Chet Kelly finally showed up with his date, Jill Deville.

Everyone exchanged pleasantries and gathered in the DeSoto’s back yard for a day of fun.


Roy and John took turns at the grill, making an abundance, of hamburgers and hotdogs for their friends. Joanne had help from Momma Lopez and Helen Stanley putting the food out. It wasn’t long before everyone had their fill.

The kids were enjoying themselves with a game of Frisbee. The women were happy to sit and enjoy a relaxing conversation.

The men, on the other hand, had decided that a game of volleyball was just the thing to help burn off some of the food they had just ingested. Watermelon and ice cream were still to come and room had to be made to accommodate the desserts.

The game was intense. A lot of grunting was heard from the six men that made up the teams. Johnny, Roy and Marco were playing against Cap, Chet and Mike.

The heat had risen into the mid-eighties. The guys were sweating so much that their clothes were ringing wet. Before too long, shirts were discarded and a decision that the game they were playing would be the last until the shade came over that part of the yard.

The game was tied, Johnny served the ball, it smoothly flew over the net and was swiftly returned by Cap. The ball was headed toward Roy for the setup, but Roy had other plans. Plans to spike the ball for the game winning point.

Roy jumped in the air with all his might and reached for the ball. That’s when the unthinkable happened.

"Oh my goodness!" was the exclamation that came out of five of the six A-Shift crewmates.

Across the yard, Joanne, Helen, Momma Lopez, Maria and Jill all gasped at the sight that was before them.

The kids heard the commotion the adults were making. They stopped playing to see what had happened to cause such silence.

Roy’s shorts were heavy from being wet. When he jumped and reached for the ball, gravity took over. In one swift second the jarring impact with the ground caused Roy’s shorts to fall to his ankles. He stood there in all his glory. The American flag was now displayed for everyone to see and the sound of the Star Spangled Banner filled the air.

Roy stood shell shocked. Then he spurred into action. He pulled up his shorts and tried to silence the tune his unmentionables were playing. After getting the music to stop, he risked a look at his friends.

Everyone in the yard was standing with their hands of their hearts facing Roy, laughing at first a silent laugh that soon turned into full blown hysterics.

Roy just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Even working with Craig Brice wasn’t this bad.

Looking over at his partner, Roy saw that Johnny was laughing so hard he could hardly catch is breath.

John looked at Roy at that same time and saw that look again. The look that said ‘I’m going to kill you.’

Since he was already in hot water with his best friend, Johnny hazard one last barb.

"Hey, Roy?!? I didn’t know there was a full moon tonight."

That comment was enough to send everyone, into another fit of hysterical laughter at Roy’s expense.

That was the moment Roy started planning his revenge.


The End

Or is it?


Thanks to Jean for the beta.

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