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 Seeing Green


by Purry


Chet bounced in the stations kitchen calling top of the morning to everyone present.

Marco was the first to great his friend. "Good morning, Chet. You sure seem to be in a good mood."

"Yeah, I am. Today is St. Patrick's Day, my second favorite holiday."

"What's your first?" asked Mike from where he was sitting on the couch reading the morning paper.

"April Fool's Day," Johnny said as he and Roy came into the room.

"Yeah, Johnny would know the answer to that question," replied Marco.

"Ha, ha, Marco. Hey, what's in the box Chester B.?" Johnny asked, just noticing the box in Chet's hand.

"I brought donuts," Chet answered.

"Gee thanks, Chet," Johnny said as he snatched the box from Chet's hands, reaching inside grabbing a donut.

"They're green!" exclaimed Johnny.

"Yeah, I bought green ones to celebrate the holiday," Chet supplied.

"Johnny, they won't taste any different then regular donuts, it's just food coloring," Roy said taking in the scrunched face of his partner.

"Oh," Johnny replied as he timidly took a bite of the green cake donut.

"Hey guys, roll call in five minutes," Cap called from the apparatus bay.

"You're right, Roy, the color doesn't have anything to do with the taste," Johnny replied happily as he munched away on his tasty treat.

Johnny started to reach for another, when Chet told him to leave some for the rest of the guys.

"You bought a dozen, that's two apiece," Johnny said with a smirk.

"Why don't you wait until after roll call to have the other one, Johnny. It will give you something to eat with your coffee," Roy said.

"That's a good idea, Roy, I'll do that," Johnny agreed slapping his partner on the back as he headed for the door.

All the guys made their way out to the bay area for morning roll call.

Cap started to announce the duty assignments, when Chet interrupted him. That got him an annoyed look from his Captain.

"Uh, Cap, I was wondering if I could cook today?! It's St. Patrick's Day and I'd like to fix something to coincide with the holiday," Chet said looking up with hopeful eyes to his Captain.

"Well, I had John down for cooking and cleaning the kitchen, but since you seem so eager I'll switch your duties," Cap said giving Chet a smile.

Turning, Cap looked at Johnny and said, "You have latrine duty today."

"Hey, that's no fair. I shouldn't have to.... " Johnny's tirade was interrupted by Caps, "Gage, be quiet."

Johnny closed his mouth and knew that if anymore was said on the subject, he would have latrine duty indefinitely.

Cap finished handing out the assignments.

Roy and Mike were assigned to the dorm and Marco the bay.

Once dismissed, Roy and Johnny went to check the squad's supplies and to do a radio check.

After finishing, Johnny suggested they go into the kitchen for some coffee and a donut. Nodding his head in agreement, Roy follow his partner for the much needed caffeine. It wasn't long before Johnny started to rant about how unlucky he was to have latrine duty, even when it wasn't his turn.

"Man, Roy, can you believe my luck?" Johnny said as little bits of green cake left his mouth while he tried to talk and eat his donut at the same time.

No one noticed the slight grin Chet had on his face, before stating, "Come on, John, I just wanted to treat you guys to some of my family traditions. I'm going to make a meal I always had on March 17th every year of my childhood. My mom said it was a Kelly tradition. Just like wearing green."

"What are we having?" Mike asked while he poured himself and Cap another cup of coffee.

"Yeah, pal, what will we be having?" asked Cap.

"I bet it will be green, whatever it is," exclaimed Marco.

Chet rubbed his hands together and said, " We're going to have green ham and cabbage."

"Green ham? Who wants to eat green ham, and cooked cabbage, yuck," Johnny cringed as he spoke.

"Gage it's delicious, and the ham is only green because of the food coloring, it's a Kelly tradition," Chet replied in a huff.

"You also said wearing green today was a Kelly tradition and I don't see you continuing that one today, so why not make something else for dinner?" Johnny said still cringing at the thought of having to eat green ham.

"Not that it's any of your business, Gage, but I do have green on today, you just can't see it," Chet replied.

Cap thought he better get the children under control before it escalated. "Chet, ham and cabbage sounds fine for dinner. Now I think it's time for everyone to get to work," Cap said as he stood from the table to go back to his office. He had to get caught up on the never-ending paperwork.

"I told you, Roy, my day has gone from bad to worse. First latrine duty, now green ham and cabbage for dinner, what did I do to be so unlucky?" Johnny sighed.

"Johnny you're not unlucky. Just because the day isn't going as you expect it to, doesn't mean you're having bad luck," Roy tried some logic on his now sad looking partner.

"I guess.." Johnny said, not really believing him.

"We better get to work before Cap comes back in here." Roy turned to look at Mike, "You ready to get started?

"Yeah, might as well," Mike replied following Roy out of the kitchen.

"Well, the bay awaits," Marco stated as he went to get the mop and bucket to clean the floor.

Chet and Johnny were left in the kitchen. Johnny pushed his chair back and started for the door when he heard Chet speak.

"Johnny, I'm sorry you think today has been unlucky. I have always considered St. Paddy's Day as the luckiest day of the year. I'm Irish and I guess it's only natural this holiday is special to me."

Chet put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a four leaf clover, showing it to Johnny he said, "You know, four leaf clovers are good luck charms and a rare find, yet today as I was leaving my apartment building, I looked down at the small patch of grass and there it was. What are the odds that I would find a four leaf clover. But to find it on St. Patrick's Day of all days, well that makes it doubly lucky!"

"Wow, that's something, Chet, no wonder you're having such a good day," Johnny said as he looked longingly at the clover.

"Chet," Johnny started out hesitantly, "do you think I could borrow your clover?" Hoping this would turn his luck around.

"John, pal, I'd like to, but it's only lucky to the person who found it."

"Oh, well thanks anyway," Johnny turned to walk out, when Chet spoke up again.

"Johnny, I know you're bummed today, but it's not that bad. I have latrine duty *a lot*, and I've survived," Chet stated chuckling a little. "I've got an idea; why don't you go out front where the grass is and maybe you could find you own good luck charm."

"Thanks, Chet, but what are the odds that I could possibly find a four leaf clover? Come on we'd better get to work before Cap has our hides."

"Well, Johnny, it was just a suggestion."

"See ya later, Chet."

"Later, Gage." After Johnny walked out of the kitchen, Chet knew the set-up went well. Now all he had to do was wait.




The first part of the morning the squad had been out on two runs for minor injuries, while the engine had been called out for a trash fire, making getting their work done, impossible.

Johnny was back in the latrine scrubbing away, mumbling to himself about having had a kid throw up on him, then smashing his finger in the squad door, and how it's just not his day. The more he thought about it, maybe he could look around out front and see it there may be a lucky charm out there; it couldn't hurt.


Back in the dorm, Chet was laying on his bunk with a big grin on his face.

Marco walked in and saw him lying there, grinning like that cat that ate the canary and knew he was up to something. "Ok, Chet, spill it. What are you up to?"

"Marco, Marco, Marco, I don't know what you are talking about," Chet said as he sat up, fraying a hurt look.

"Amigo, I know you and I know that look. Johnny?"

"Yeah, Johnny!" Chet reached into his pocket and pulled out his prize. "Look!" he held out his hand for Marco to see the clover.

"Where did you find that?" Marco asked in wonder.

"I found it in a catalog about a month ago and ordered it so I would have it for today," Chet explained.

"Why? "No don't tell me the Phantom is up to something."

Chet just grinned and asked Marco if he'd seen Johnny, when Marco told him that he saw him out front pacing, Chet hopped off his bunk and ran out of the dorm to see if his pigeon took the bait.


Chet stood off to the side, peering out the garage door and watched Johnny walk stooped over looking at the ground. 'Man, how gullible can he be,' Chet thought. 'This is too good. I wonder how long he's been out there..'


Walking bent over for so long was taking its toll on Johnny's back. He straightened and raised his hands above his head, giving himself a good, long stretch. He looked up at the sky just as a pigeon decided to relieve itself.

"ARGH!" was the only sound made as the bird dropping hit on the side of Johnny's face.

"Man, this is *not*my day!" he exclaimed with mild irritation.


Giving up on the search, Johnny made his way back inside the station to clean-up from his misfortune of being at the wrong place at the right time. Just before he opened the door to the latrine, he heard a giggle. But not just any giggle, a Phantom giggle.

"KELLY!" Johnny yelled.

Knowing that the jig was up, Chet hightailed it out of Dodge and out of the Gage Zone, leaving a faint echo of laughter along the way.


The End

Thanks Heidi for the beta.

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