Stories by Jill Hargan

When There's No One

To Blame

Paranoia Strikes Deep

If I Only Had A Brain

Lost And Found

This story is rated R for graphic subject matter.


Caught With Your Pants Down

The Visitor 

The Booster


In A Pinch 

Fool Me Once

co-written with Vanessa Sgroi

A Fungus Among Us

Plausible Denial


You Can't Beat The Odds

(others' stories included on An Honest Mistake page)

Dog Gone It!

An answer to a challenge for Trainee


*This story is PG-13 for a little rough language and some violence.


*And No One Knows Where

*Co-written with Kenda (the link will take you to Kenda's site)


This story is a sequel to 'Lost and Found'

The Booster - Redux 

Are You My Mother?

This story is a sequel to 'Reclamation'

Stories in the Johnny/Lydia March Series


Conversation Hearts

Tastes Like Chicken

Only With the Heart

A Penny for Your Thoughts


My Best Girl





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Jill also has dialogue stories located at Emergency! Challenge 2003 site - site down for now

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