Twenty-seven years ago, long before there was the Emergency! fandom and the internet, a fan of the show decided to write stories in script format to read to her brothers and sisters. She kept the characters very much how they were in the television series, and came up with the *missing pieces* in their families and backgrounds that the TV show didn't provide. This fan was Rosanne (nicknamed Ross). She has been generous to take the time to convert those scripts into regular story format for easier reading, so that we all can enjoy the wonderful stories she came up with. Being that there was not Emergency! fan fic then, there are some original characters and ideas that Ross created using her own imagination 100%. You'll find that Johnny's background is a little different than you may have read in a few other stories on the net; and Roy's daughter is *Suzie*, rather than *Jennifer*. Ross and I agreed that her original creations should remain as they were twenty-seven years ago. So sit back  and enjoy a very entertaining read with the stories. Although each story stands alone, each one also ties into the previous one. The stories will be posted as they are converted . . .Happy reading!



EMERGENCY! : A Series Of Stories



Book One: There's Just No 'Getting Away From It All'



Book Two: If Wishes Were Horses

Chapter twelve posted 4/14/19



More to come . . .  




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