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January Picture Story

April Picture Story

High On Morgan Towers


A First Time For Everything

May Picture Story

An "E!" Moment In Time

Five Firemen For A King's Ransom?

Getting Into The 'Swing' Of Things


Copped Canteens and Keeled-Over Wookies

June Picture Story

The Phantom Fire Brigade


Eight Fringed Squawkers

Of Phantoms and Fire Poles November 2006 Picture Story Bugged/ Epilogue: Male Bonding
Bloppers Red is for Firefighters Just Another One of Those Days When Firemen Get the Munchies

Reflections of a Fire Captain

Stoker Gets Stoked For The Record He Never Saw the Signs
A Work In Progress Thatís What Friends Are For He Should've Known Subterfuge
Just A Coincidence The Imperfect Storm Just Hangin' Out A Failure to Communicate
Outside the Box An Eye for an Eye Thatís What THEY Say The Nose Knows
Spills and Thrills The Recycle of Life

A Measure of Luck

Batting Zero

Payback Ain't Always A Bitch

Only In The Movies Just Mopping Up Firemen Should Be Seen, But Not Herd
Soapsuds and Seaweed 'Clunk'

I Never Said That

Saving Face
The Road Less Traveled

Camp Slugs and Mushroom


Keeping Score Semi Conscious

"He-e-e-e-e-ere's Johnny!"

*A sequel to 'Semi Conscious'

Loose Ends

*A sequel to 'He-e-e-e-e-ere's Johnny!'

Coming to Terms

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Between A Rock And A Hard


Johnny Loses It An Apple a Day Godzilla and The Smog Monster

Freedom Is Just a State of Mind

X Marks the Spot

Hardy-har Harlin (In progress) Blood is Thicker Than D5W

Part one posted

*Co-written with Audrey W.

Excedrin Headache #218 Spinning Wheels An All Consuming Task Be Careful What You Wish For
One-Armed and Extremely Dangerous

An Equitable Trade

Speck Protecting Exposures
A Heavenly Cause      

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There's Just No 'Getting Away From It All'

If Wishes Were Horses

*In progress


The stories below are a part of a story called 'Entitled'

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