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“Sure, Father’s Day is Nice, But . . .”


By:   Vanessa Sgroi



Christopher DeSoto raced down the stairs, his bare feet barely making a sound on the steps.  His wet hair was combed straight back and he smelled like Mr. Bubble.  He’d taken his bath first and hurried into his pajamas.  Mommy was now busy giving Jennifer her bath, and he wanted to spend time with Daddy before bedtime.


The young boy found his dad sitting on the couch watching television.  He climbed up and sat down on his knee.  With a giggle, he rubbed the back of his head against his father’s chest.  He laughed even harder when his dad’s arms flew around him in a big bear hug.  Finally, his dad let him go and Chris slid down next to him on the couch cushion.


Spying the homemade Father’s Day cards and gifts on the coffee table, the blond-haired 7-year-old said, “Hey, Daddy?  How come . . . how come there’s a Father’s Day?”


After thinking for a moment, Roy replied, “Well, it’s just a special day to celebrate being a dad or having a dad.”


“And Mommy’s Day too?”


“Yes, the same reason we have Mother’s Day.”


“But why isn’t there a Kid’s Day?  So we can get presents and stuff?”


The question threw the paramedic, and he wasn’t sure how to answer.  Finally, he said, “Well, I think every day is kind of like Kid’s Day.”


“It is?  But we hafta go to school and other yucky stuff like that.”


“I have to do a lot of yucky stuff too.  Like work.  And I don’t get suckers like you guys do when Mommy takes you both to the bank and to the doctors.”  Roy crossed his fingers, hoping that his answer would satisfy his son.


Christopher was silent for a moment.  “And Mommy buys us toys sometimes if we’re good.  So that’s like presents, right?”




Placing his chin in his hand, Christopher thought deeply for a minute.


“Hey, Daddy?”




“Maybe it’s a good thing there’s no Kid’s Day.  Know why?”




“ ‘cause then I’d hafta buy Jennifer a present!  I like it better when Mommy does that.”


Roy couldn’t help but chuckle.


“Are we gonna have ice cream and cake now?  Mommy said you’d cut your cake after we had our baths.”


“As soon as your sister is done, I’ll go cut it.  Okay?”


“Yup.  It’s banana!  I can’t wait.”  With a sigh, the little boy snuggled close to his Dad and turned his attention to the television, hoping Jennifer was almost done.



*** The End ***



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