============    Father's Day Stories  ============




NEW! (06/17/06)

My Dad   by Monster Moofie

============   Stories 2005  ============


For Our Hero by  Purry


============   Stories 2004  ============


A Father's Day Gift  by  Purry


Dads' Day at the DeSotos'  by Audrey W.



"Sure Father's Day is Nice, But. . ."  by Vanessa Sgroi


============   Stories 2003  ============


Not Your Usual Gift  by Purry


Kids Will Be Kids by Audrey W.


Special Bond  by  Purry


The Shift by  Sharon


Fear Of The Unknown by Purry


============   Stories 2002  ============

Gifts by Audrey W.

The Purr-Fect Surprise by Audrey W.

A Father's Nightmare  by Jane L.