This is a true story, one I don’t want to use in fan fiction, because it was the most amazing experience I have ever had after losing a loved one and the meaning it has for me is unexplainable. I told some friends and acquaintances in the fandom about it, some just after it happened, some a couple of months later or so.  But that was it.


When my father died in March, I flew up to Colorado to be with my mom, siblings and niece for about five days. I had hoped to be able to be a part of any service for him. But we talked about it and decided we wanted to make sure we got it right for dad, something that would’ve meant the world to him. My sister had informed a Lakota friend of hers who dad had sent raven feathers to (we used to have a pet raven, got it when I was five years old and it lived about thirty-two years) of dad’s passing and she mentioned that she could probably get a chief from her tribe to perform a ceremony if we wanted to do that. Dad was very respectful of Indians, he grew up with he and his dad fishing with an Indian Guide, he collected stuff, he read up on them and knew so much about them. We thought an Indian ceremony outdoors in our home town in the mountains near a creek would be very appropriate. We would have to wait a few weeks to do it, but that was okay. We had dad cremated and we decided before the service, we’d sprinkle his ashes around the yard.


Well, another thing about dad was that he was very in touch with nature. And he had gotten to the point he had wild deer that would come in the yard and actually let him pet them. The mothers created a nursery in his yard up by the house and they raised their fawns in the yard. He’d leave a certain part of the grass deep in the Spring and Summer and when they left the fawns alone, they’d leave them in the deep grass, hidden. Dad befriended them and they trusted him.  





So the day of the service, we were scattering his ashes in certain places in the yard and one place my sister tossed some turned out to have a four-point antler from a deer … just lying there on the ground. Dad had always wanted to find one. We figured that was a sign he was with us and had led us to it. We placed it with his urn, that was his antler to keep.







At the service, we were able to talk about his connection with nature. He wasn’t strong in the people relations area, but with animals, yes. Well, as the Chief sang a song in Native Lakota, a raven flew over us, kind of circled and landed on a branch high above in a tree. It stayed there while the Chief continued on with a Lakota prayer in his language. It was a chilly day, had been rainy the day before and snow showers were possible, but there was an incredible warmth that we each noticed at this time, though we wouldn’t know anyone else had till we talked about it later. It was as if the air had gotten warmer. And when the Indian Chief was done, he said, “Clyde’s spirit is now free” and that raven took off and I watched it fly through the trees and disappear off in the distance. I got goosebumps. I knew at that moment it was my dad. The Chief then said how he didn’t know dad, but just listening to our stories, he could tell he was one with nature and he made him an honorary Lakota and a member of his tribe. We were in awe. And it was amazing to experience the Lakota ceremony. He gave us each a special Eternal Friendship coin that has a Lakota prayer on one side of it afterward.


Later we looked up the raven on the internet and found out it is a spirit guide for some Indians and the description of what it stands for fit dad perfectly.


In June I went back up to celebrate my mom’s birthday and bury some of our dad’s ashes in Fort Logan Cemetery later that week. And while visiting up at my parents’ house again, we spent time with the deer. Then while they were all lying in the front yard in a group, here came this raven and it stayed there with them. Even as we drove by when it was time to leave, the raven didn’t fly away. We kind of ‘joked’ it was dad, but you know, I think we do that when we can’t explain stuff. Deep down, I have no doubt it was a connection to him, and my sister and brother said the same thing. :o) 







My sister has since gotten a shiny charm that is a heart and says, “I give you my heart” and another deer antler delivered directly to the back door at that house. Coincidentally, a raven was hanging around at the times.


My other amazing experience was on my dad’s birthday. I took an afternoon nap and he came into my dream I was having. He was about 40ish and healthy again, he could walk good again, and he was smiling. I have no doubt he came to let me know he was okay and he picked that certain day so it would stand out.


This whole experience for me was incredible so I wanted to share it.



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