A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

By Purry


It all started when Johnny asked Roy, “What are your plans for Mother’s Day?”

Who’d thought it would turn into a tribute to the A-Shift crews mothers. Six macho firemen sitting around the kitchen table telling stories about their mothers.

Captain Stanley began telling how special his mother was. Like when he was a youngster his mother would make peach ice cream, his favorite. That it was a special time that just the two of them shared. Sitting on the back porch making the tasty treat and discussing all life’s possibilities.

Mike was quick to pick up the conversation when Cap’s mind drifted back to a happy time long ago. He started talking and had the room mesmerized. None of the guys thought that Stoker would ever utter more the a few words at one time, but there he was praising his mother. The woman who encouraged him to do what he always wanted to do, be a fireman.

Chet agreed with all the attributes that described Cap’s and Mike’s mothers. Stating that all those applied to his mother also. Loving, caring, warm, sensitive, great cook, patient, peace keeper and so much more. He told the story of his Mother the Peace Keeper, a woman whose stare could melt ice. How, with two siblings, him the middle of the three, that his mother came up with little practical jokes to help him get back at his brother and sister. Hence, the creation of the Phantom.

Johnny sat with his mouth open, unable to speak. Unable to believe that Chet’s mother created the Phantom..

Before Johnny got a chance to respond to Chet’s confession, Marco began telling how his mother taught him to cook. It was the first time he’d ever made chili. How his mother stood by his side through the whole preparation. Not really helping but lending support and a helping hand if needed. He began laughing and had to explain why. It was the worse chili he’d ever eaten in his whole life.

After the laughing calmed down, Roy told of how his mother, Harriet, would bake the most wonderful oatmeal raisin cookies and have them waiting for him as an after school treat. Stating that, to this day, when he sees Joanne baking the same cookies for their children, his heart swells and a flood of good memories wash over him.

No one seemed to notice how quite Johnny had become. His head hung down and his eyes were down cast. Everyone seemed to be waiting for his special Mother’s story, but it didn’t dawn on them that he never spoke of his mother or any family other than his Aunt. When Marco asked if he was going to share his special Mother/Son time, he whispered that he didn’t have any to share.

They all felt bad for upsetting their friend but he just shrugged it off and told them that it didn’t matter. He had some wonderful memories with his aunt. The times they shared discussing their love of nature. How he would spend hours with her watching a baby bird peck its way out of the shell to start its life. During Johnny’s recollections, his friends found out that Johnny’s Aunt raised him from the age of six and that he loved her very much. He never once mentioned his parents.

After a few moments, Johnny turned to Roy and asked again the question that started all this discussion “What are your plans for Mother’s Day?”

Roy answered, "whatever Joanne wants." The other five men shouted, "good answer!"


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