By Audrey W.




The day after Thanksgiving . . .


Paramedics John Gage and Roy DeSoto walked out to the parking lot behind Station 51 after completing their shift. As they approached their vehicles, Johnny glanced at his partner.


“So, what’re you gonna do today? Put up the tree?”


“Not ‘til tomorrow. I promised Joanne and my mom I’d take ‘em shopping.”


The younger man stopped in his tracks and put his left arm out in front of Roy, stopping him as well. “Shopping? Roy, are you crazy? Shopping? On the day after Thanksgiving? Don’tcha know you can hardly even move the stores are so crowded? Man, what’m I sayin’? Of course ya know, ‘cause we’ve responded to enough calls at stores with fights over stuff that resulted in injuries. Roy, haven’t you learned anything? Shopping?” He shook his head, a pained expression on his face. “Man, I don’t believe you.”


“Well, actually I’m just doing the driving,” he explained as he started forward. Johnny followed alongside. “My dad’s gonna stay home with the kids and I’m gonna wait out in the car while Jo and Mom go in each store and find the bargains they spotted in the ads.”


He gave a smug smile when he figured he’d satisfied Gage with his answer. But the smile quickly faded when he was once again stopped with an outstretched arm just behind their vehicles.


Drive? And you call me a nut. Don’tcha remember what the traffic’s like the day after Thanksgiving? Man, I bet it takes us twice as long to get home even. I can just imagine what it’ll be like at the stores. Lines of cars tryin’ to get in,” Johnny stated with a wave of one hand, then the other as he continued with, “more wantin’ out. . .fightin’ for a parking spot. . .”


Roy vaguely listened as the rant continued.  He figured he’d let Johnny get the issue out of his system before he reminded him of the benefit of being alone in a parked car. . .peace and quiet. Something he wouldn’t mind right now.


The end


Hope your day after is a good one. :o)


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