What's Wrong With Johnny?



Ugh  by Audrey W.

It's Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry

by Audrey W.


Sleepless in Carson by Audrey W.



The Duke of Hazards  by Audrey W.



NEW story 3/07/09

Girls, Girls, Girls  by  Audrey W.

Sudoku  by Firechick51

NEW picture 3/07/09



Looks can be deceiving. . .but they also can tell a lot about a person's mood or well-being (or NOT so well-being <G>)

So. . .what's up with John Gage?  You decide and write the story behind the picture(s) of your choice.

(More photos will be added over time - and many thanks to Satchie for the inspiration on this idea <G>)


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