Wise Guys

By Audrey W.



After trying to impress his fellow crewmates with a spew of information using mostly words none of them knew the meaning of, Johnny sat back and grinned, his hands clasped behind his head. The dark-haired paramedic could tell by the bewildered expressions on their faces that he’d achieved his goal of baffling them.


Keeping up the charade that he wanted them to understand what he was saying, Gage continued. “Hopefully that’s pellucid and didn’t embrangle any of ya. I’d hate for you guys to defenestrate me over the garbology of antipodes.” He brought his hands down and patted his stomach. “Now, I don’t know about the rest of ya, but I’d give my right hallux to stop my burborygmus with some of Mike’s fried chicken.”


Stoker shook his head as he placed the final piece of fried chicken on a platter. Carrying the food to the table, he said, “Johnny, that’s one of the most otiose things you’ve come up with yet.”


The others looked to Gage to see his reaction. Surprised by Mike’s response, the paramedic had a blank expression on his face. It then changed to a look of mock hurt. “It’s not worthless,” Johnny defended.


Captain Stanley eyed the two crewmen and shook his head. “Twits.”


Johnny grinned. “Actually, Cap, a ‘Twit’ is a pregnant goldfish.” Mike nodded in agreement. Both men noticed the annoyed expression on the captain’s face.


“Guess you didn’t need to know that,” Johnny said, as Mike quickly set the platter of chicken down on the table.


Hank was grinning on the inside, though he’d never let his men know that. No telling what they’d come up with next.



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