An Impromptu Visit

By: Sharon


Gage and Lopez were in the middle of clearing the kitchen table of dirty dinner dishes while the rest of the shift was settling in the day room to watch some TV, when the doorbell rang. The group of six all stopped their movements and stood shifting their gazes from one to the another.

"What the…" Hank wondered.

"Who…" Johnny questioned.

Looking towards Marco who was closest to the bay, Hank said, "Check that out, will ya, Marco."

"Sure, Cap." Marco exited the room while the others continued about their business. Johnny filled the sink with soap and warm water. While the engine crew took their seats. Roy had moved back into the kitchen to get everyone a drink. While taking down the six glasses, Marco returned.

"Umm…Cap?" a subtle question in his voice.

All the men turned to see what was up. Hank looked at his man and was surprised to find a princess, a ghost, and Dracula standing by the husky fireman’s side. He was about to question Marco as to who they were when a tall blond woman waltzed into the room holding a plate of what appeared to be brownies.

Hank immediately crossed the room and extended his hand. "Captain Stanley, ma’am. May we help you?"

"Oh no…the kids just wanted to bring you some treats." She smiled down at her charges. Then proceeded to hold the goodies out to the fire captain.

Hank accepted the plate and returned the young women’s smile. "That’s very thoughtful. Thankful." He said the latter while looking down at the three costume clad children. Each wore a smile as well, beaming up at the lanky man.

"Mommy said you don’t get to go trick or treating," the tiny princess gave by way of explanation.

"No, we don’t. So we’re very happy you thought of us." The man in command shook his head while placing the saucer on the kitchen table. "How would you guys like to see the trucks up close?"

"Can we mommy?" Dracula asked.

"Oh boy!" the ghost responded in delight.

While the young children were showing their excitement and questioning their mother, Stoker got up from his seat. Hearing by the tone of the two boys voices that he was about to conduct an impromptu tour.

"It’s not a problem?" the blond woman questioned.

"No, not at all. We’d be happy to. Wouldn’t we, Mike?" Hank turned his back to find his engineer already walking towards him.

"Sure. It’ll be fun." The second in command smiled.



"Can we get you something to drink?" Roy asked the woman who turned to watch her three children exit the room with the tall fireman.

"No, I’m all right, thank you." She smiled.

"That was very sweet of your children."

"My brother is a fire fighter in San Francisco." The women explained.

Hank pulled out a seat for the young mother, who accepted it with gratitude. She’d been walking with the children for half an hour now and was thinking of a nice hot bath once she got home and her children were in bed.

Rubbing his hands together Hank ordered. "Chet, Johnny, why don’t the two of you find something we can give our little trick or treaters.



"Yeah, sure."

While Chet opened the refrigerator to see what they had in the way of supplies, Johnny started to open the cupboards.

Amongst the soft voices being carried in from the apparatus bay were sudden squeals of delight, followed by flashing red lights. Next the bay door could be heard rolling up and foot steps, obviously made by Mike’s department issue boots, walking back towards the engine. Next, an air horn gave a short but deafening holler. Followed by shouts of triumph.

"We have some apples and oranges, Cap."

"Kelly, what kid wants to get apples and oranges? And from a fire station!" Hank admonished.

"We have a bag of hickory sticks, chocolate chip cookies, Fig Newton’s, and Viva Puffs." Johnny pulled each out of the cupboard while calling them out.

"Let’s see. The cookies."

"Aw, Cap!"


"But, Cap…"


The Irishman remained silent when his captain turned in his direction.

"The Viva Puffs." Hank continued.

"Um, Cap."

Turning to his younger paramedic, he fixed him with a glare and asked, "Yes, John."

"Uh, nothing." He shook his head.

"The hickory sticks, Cap." Roy offered. "Chris loves them."

"Okay, the hickory sticks it is." He once again rubbed his hands together.

"Captain, that’s too much. The children don’t need all that."

"Ma’am, we can’t give them anything that's already open. It would go against our oath of keeping our community safe."


"I insist. Either they get the whole bags or nothing. And I certainly don’t want to disillusion your children against firefighter’s." Hank grinned.

Mike returned with the children after two more blasts from the air horn and some more flashing lights.

"That was so cool, Mom. I wanna’ be a fireman when I grow up." Dracula looked up at the engineer with obvious admiration.

"It’s neat. We got to pull on a thing that made the truck horn blow! Did you hear it?"

"Oh yes, I heard it," Smiled the ghost’s mother.

"Okay, kids. Hold open your bags and you can have a treat." The captain issued.




"No arguments. I’m in charge here and what I say goes. Right men?"

"Yes, sir." Five individual voices responded.

Each of the children opened their bags apprehensively while giving quick glances towards their mother. Who just nodded her head letting them know it would be okay. The children’s eyes became larger and larger as full bags of goodies were deposited into their bags.

"Wow! Thanks, mister."


"Thank you."

"Your welcome. Now remember not to criss-cross the street while going door to door. And don’t eat anything before your mom and dad say it’s okay."

All three children just nodded their heads up and down. Still in shock by receiving full bags of treats.

Standing up, the young woman said, "Well, we best be going. Thank you very much for everything."

"It’s been our pleasure." Hank smiled down at the woman. "Marco, please see our guests out safely."


Marco led the four visitors out into the apparatus bay while the rest of the crew went back about their business.

"We have apple juice, orange juice, and ice tea." Roy let everyone know.

Once their orders were given, the others gathered round the television.

Soft voices could be heard out in the bay, followed by the familiar sound of the rolling door making it’s decent back toward the ground. Followed by Marco’s return. "They were cute."

"They sure were. I miss taking the girls out. They’ve grown up too fast."

"That’s okay, Cap. Before you know it, you’ll have grandchildren to take out." Roy handed him a glass of ice tea.

Mike smiled and Johnny could be heard by the sink chuckling."

"Who wants to try these brownies?"



"They look good."

"Might as well, Cap gave away all our snacks."




Roy placed the plate into the sulking fireman’s hands. "Happy Halloween, Chet."


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