Stories By Sharon

The Tour


The Men Of Station 51


The Shift


Taking Stock

A bitter sweet day in the life of Jennifer DeSoto.

*Involves character death


But Why?

Roy deals with some tough questions from his young son.

Caught In The Act

Much to his surprise, Hank Stanley catches the station's phantom in the act.

Dear John

A sobering moment with Chet Kelly at the wheel.

*Involves character death

The Dance

Mayhem ensues when the boys clean house.


Another Saturday Morning

We join a conversation already in progress, between Chet and Johnny.

Strangers In The Night

Find out what happens when two friends discover they have deeper feelings for one another.


First Response

Today's Entry

 Dragnet Style Story

An Impromptu Visit  


And Now. . .A Word From Ms. McCall

Station 51- KMG-365 Home Captain
Will He or Won't He? Gong With the Win She Said, He Said  



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