Christmas Phenomenon



By Purry


Johnny Gage sat in the middle of his living room floor, two days before Christmas Eve, attempting to wrap the gifts he'd purchased; the process was slow going.

Before he started, Johnny made sure that he had everything he needed to accomplish his task; scissors, Scotch tape, bows, tissue, name tags, an ink pen and wrapping paper.

A frustrated sigh escaped from the handsome paramedic. Once again his progress had been thwarted. “ARGH! *Now* where did that tape get to? I *just* had it! Aw, man!” an aggravated Johnny yelled to no one but himself.

First it had been the scissors, then the pen and now the tape. At the rate he was going, Christmas would be over and done with before Johnny got all the presents wrapped.

After he finally found the missing tape under his right leg, Johnny finished wrapping Roy’s gift. All it needed was a name tag, “ARGH! Where did the pen go? I *just* had it,” Johnny cried. Once again the hunt was on.

This phenomenon known as ‘Christmas gift wrapping hide and seek,’ continued throughout the rest of the evening until Johnny finished with all the presents. By the time everything finally got wrapped, the tape had been misplaced seven times, the scissors, four times and all the rest at least once.

The End

 Merry Christmas and Happy Wrapping


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