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Easter Bunny Command Central 

By:  Vanessa Sgroi



Cal Easter Bunny sat at his desk at Easter Bunny Command Central, the EBCC, and stared at his list of assignments for this holiday.  Their duties had been handed out just minutes ago from Levi Easter Bunny, the EBCC’s Bunny Coordinator for North America.  Dismay was evident on his face.  He glanced up and over at Herm Easter Bunny’s desk.  Next to him was Art Easter Bunny.


“How come you guys get all the easy assignments?”


Herm and Art looked over at him in surprise.


“Easy assignments?  Look at all the names on our lists!  How can you say that?”


“Yeah, but at least you’ve all been assigned kids!  I got the “Special Request” list.  Just listen to these names:  Henry Stanley, Michael Stoker, Marco Lopez, Chester B. Kelly, Roy DeSoto, and John Gage.”


Herm glanced at his list.  “DeSoto?  Hmm, I have a Christopher DeSoto and a Jennifer DeSoto.  Any relation to this Roy?”


“Yeah.  Says here that those are his kids.  The list continues on with Kelly Brackett, Dixie McCall, Joseph Early, and Michael Morton.  Oh, geez, NOT Morton!  I’ve dealt with him before.  Oh, brother!”


Herm and Art couldn’t help but chuckle.  They quickly stifled their laughter at Cal’s glare.  Herm cleared his throat.  “Well, we better get started overseeing the filling of the baskets.  We need to get a move on if we’re going to get them all delivered.”


Cal Easter Bunny stood up and stalked out to the assembly line.  He grumbled under his breath the entire way.  “Look at this!  Just look at this!  One likes all chocolate.  One likes mostly jelly beans.  And, for goodness sake, this one only likes Peeps!  I’m taking a vacation day next year, I swear I am.”


Soon the baskets were ready to go, and Cal loaded them into his van.  His vehicle was specially equipped and at the push of a button, it would become invisible.  This made it much easier to get his work done.  Much better than the old days.  **Now if they’d just change the colors of our uniforms.**   He glanced down at the pastel colors of his uniform and sniffed in disdain.


* * *


The end of the work day came soon enough.  The North American Easter Bunnies gathered once more at Command Central.  Cal slumped wearily in his chair and rubbed his sore paws.  As the day had progressed, his grumpiness eased.  Mostly due to the delighted looks on the faces of those he secretly left baskets for.


Thinking back over the day, he called to mind the faces of two groups in particular—the firefighters at Station 51 and the doctors and nurse at Rampart.  Their baskets had been the hardest to hide.  Having waited to do those last, he waited around to see their reactions.  It had been worth it.  Each one of them was particularly happy to receive the Easter treats though they’d been puzzled at their origin.


Cal had watched as they all ended up responding to tragedies shortly after discovering their baskets.  It was then that he realized just how important each of these individuals was in the grand scheme of things.  He’d watched how they each dealt with the aftermath of tragedy and was pleased to see a small smile form on each face when they looked once more at their Easter baskets.


Cal Easter Bunny felt a twinge of guilt when he recalled his complaining that morning.  He looked over at Herm’s and Art’s empty desks.  They had not yet returned.  With a tired sigh, Cal pulled a sheet of paper from the drawer of his desk.  It was the beginnings of next year’s list.  All the Easter Bunnies handed them in at the end of Easter Sunday and plans for next year would begin.  In big bold letters, he wrote:


John Gage

Roy DeSoto

Henry Stanley

Michael Stoker

Chester B. Kelly

Marco Lopez

Kelly Brackett

Joseph Early

Dixie McCall

Michael Morton


Content with his day’s work, Cal leaned back in his chair and waited for his buddies to come back and tell all about their days.  He certainly had much to share with them.


 * * *The End * * *



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