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A Halloween Tradition

by Purry


October 25th


"Joanne! We've been hit!"

"What.... What did you say, honey?" Joanne DeSoto asked her husband as she came in from the kitchen.

"I said, we've been hit," Roy repeated.

"I was wondering when they would get to us."

With just six days left until Halloween, the DeSoto home had finally been targeted. In past years, their house was one of the first, but this year, almost two weeks into the neighborhood tradition, Roy and Joanne thought they had been left out. It was an annual event that the whole community looked forward to.

"I found it when I went out to get the paper," Roy said.

"It's about time. I was beginning to get worried. Now all we have to do is get everything ready for tonight."

"Do we have everything?" Roy asked.

"Uh... no! We need a few things." She retrieved a pencil and paper from the sink drawer and began making a list of the needed items.

"Wow! We need just about everything. I'll stop and get everything on my way back from picking the kids up from school," Joanne said.




John Gage, Roy's partner and best friend, pulled up in front of the DeSoto's home a little after 10:00 AM. He was going to help Roy with Joanne's honey-do list. Getting out of his Land Rover, he made his way to the front door and knocked. It was answered by his partner.

"Hey, Junior! Come on in," Roy invited the younger man inside.

"Roy? Don't call me Junior," Johnny said with a slight smile, as he followed his friend into the house.

By mid-afternoon the chores were complete much to the surprise of all three adults. Roy and Johnny were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee when Joanne came in and announced that she was going to pick-up the kids.

"Honey, since we got done so early, why don't I go to the store and get what we need for tonight," Roy volunteered.

"Oh, Roy, that'd be great. Are you sure you don't mind?"

"No, of course not. Besides, Johnny will help me, won'tcha, Junior?" Roy said with an evil glint in his eye as he looked at his partner.

"Yeah, sure, why not!" Johnny replied.

"Well, if you're sure."

"I'm sure."

Walking over to her husband, Joanne bent down and placed a soft kiss on his lips, then walked over to Johnny and placed one on his cheek. "You guys are my heroes," she exclaimed as she left the kitchen.




At the store, Roy pulled out the shopping list of items that were needed to complete the project that had to be done tonight. He motioned at Johnny to get a cart.

"Just what are we here for?" Johnny asked.

"Let's see. We need some double-sided tape, a couple of white balloons, some clear cellophane, a black permanent marker and some Halloween candy," Roy read off the list.

"What on earth do you need all that for?" Johnny's curiosity was piqued.

"We got hit last night."

"Hit? What are you talkin' about?" Johnny tried again.

"The Phantom Ghost struck last night. We only have 24 hours to comply with the instructions."

"Phantom Ghost?! Chet?" The shock on Johnny's face was priceless.

"No, not Chet. The Phantom Ghost is a fun Halloween tradition we have in our neighborhood."


"Let's get our shopping done and get back to the house then I'll explain," Roy said.


Getting everything that was needed, Johnny and Roy headed back to the DeSoto home. After arriving there, Roy explained about the Phantom Ghost.

"You see, Johnny, the Phantom Ghost is a Halloween treat. Once a family receives a ghost treat they have 24 hours to make 2 and deliver them to homes that don't possess a ghost on their front door."

"What does that mean? A ghost on the front door," Johnny asked.

"The ghost on the door tells all the other phantoms that this house has already been treated by a phantom. We will make 2 ghost out of the stuff we bought at the store today then, after dark, we'll go out in search of a home that doesn't have a ghost on it's door and leave our ghost treats on their porch," Roy concluded.

"Hey, that's groovy. Can I help?" Johnny inquired.


"I always wanted to be a phantom," Johnny said.

"You have? Why?" Roy questioned.

"What else could be scarier than being Chet on Halloween?" Johnny laughed.

"Junior, I think you're right."



"Don't call me Junior." 


Happy Halloween

The End


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