Not One Peep . . .

By Purry

“Oh man, I’m gonna be sick, again.”

“I’m sorry, Johnny.”

“Not your fault.”

“You ok?”

“Will be. How’s Chet?”

“He seems fine.”

“How come he’s not sick?”

“Beats me, I know I wouldn’t be feeling too good right now.”

“I can’t believe I let him bait me into that stupid contest.”

“Thought you could beat him?”

“Yeah, but after 75, I started to feel nauseous.”

“You should have stopped.”

“I know, but I just couldn’t let him win.”

“You’re the one in here paying homage to the porcelain throne.”

“Roy please don’t lecture me. I know how stupid I was.”

“Was getting out of washing dishes worth this?”

“It would have been if I had won.”

“And now?”


“Guess you won’t be wanting any of those little yellow ducks any time soon.”

“Argh!!! Don’t mention Peep’s.”

“Guess there won’t be a second annual Peep Off at Station 51 next Easter.”


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