Roll Over
by Purry

New year's resolutions? Easy to make, easy to break? By making New Year's Resolutions are we inevitably setting ourselves up for failure? Often, the simple answer is 'yes'! Unless your boss is one, Captain Hank Stanley, Station 51.

Captain Stanley was in lecture mode. Giving said lecture to me, Chester B. Kelly, Firefighter extraordinaire, about the decisions we all have to make. Where there are just 2 choices in life, to choose wisely for we must live with the consequences, like the pain of having to listen to this lecture; 2 choices, over or under.

His reasoning was sound, and a bit anal, but I can see his point; as he counts off on fingers and toes the argument for the right and obvious choice, over.

"Number 1, Kelly, because it rolls off easier."

"Number 2, Kelly, it’s simply more convenient."

"Number 3, Kelly, it’s easier to grab."

"Number 4, Kelly, …"


"Number 24, Kelly, is there any other way?"

I guess you can see where this was heading. I have to say that number 25, the last one, was the one I had to agree with and resolved myself to live with.

"And lastly, number 25, Kelly, because I say so."

So my New Year’s Resolution, the toilet paper must be put on so that it will roll over not under.

At least until the next roll.


The End



Happy New Year!!!

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