Excerpt from Inheritance Tax:

*Written by Arnold Somkin. No copyright infringement intended.


"I don't want to do anything fancy with my money; I just want to spend it, a little at a time, enjoy myself. I'm going to put a sign up in my locker that says, 'John Gage, enjoy yourself, kid.' What are you gonna do with your part?"

"I don't know. Lots of things need to be fixed up around the house. I might go on a trip. I don't like to think about it further than that."

"You know what's always been a dream of mine?"


"A boat. With sails."

"You never mentioned it."

"How could I? Closest I thought I'd ever come to it would be one of those wooden tubs you see kids in."

"Sounds awfully nice. Just you and the ocean out there. Alone."

"Alone?! Are you kidding me? Alone? I'm a rich man! I'm not going to go any place alone."

"Yeah; I guess it's just the way I took it. You know, when I think of somebody gettin' a boat, I just think that being out there by yourself with the tiller, riding out into the sunset - alone."

"Yeah, well, I like the sunset as well as anybody. I'm certainly not going to go any place alone. I want a couple of girls along. I'm young enough!"

"Yeah, I know. That's what you keep tellin' me. Have you finished?"

"Yeah. You know what else I want?"

His partner shrugged.

"I want a car. A small one, but long."

"What else?"

"I don't know...I mean, uh, a bigger apartment? I don't know, you got any suggestions?"

"Well, we could give some of it to charity."

"I was gettin' around to that."

"Oh, I know you were. That's why I mentioned it."

The tones went off. Squad 51, man down....


What if it really happened...?





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