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A Thanksgiving Eve Prayer


By: Vanessa Sgroi




Dear God,


This is Jennifer DeSoto.


Should I spell that for you?


Mommy always says I should spell it out.


Dee—Eee—Captull S—Ooh—Tee—Ooh


That’s how mommy does it.


I’m sayin’ a prayer for my daddy.


He’s a fireman. And a pear—pear—pear- a-something.


Oh, wait! You prob’ly already know that!


I hope you’ll keep him safe, even—even though he’s a Christmas and Easter churchgoer—whatever that means.


He says that and mommy punches him in the arm.


Oops! Don’t be mad at her! It’s only like a pretend punch.


Not like when Chris punches ME! You can be mad at him.

So can you keep daddy and Uncle Johnny safe?


‘Cause—‘cause—‘cause tomorrow is Thanksgiving.


And I want ‘em to hear what I’m thankful for.


Mommy says I can say grace tomorrow. But last time I tried and said the words, “Grace Amen” at the table, everyone laughed at me.


I don’t get it.


Okay, daddy and Uncle Johnny will be safe tonight while undoody, right?


Oh, and God? Sssh—don’t let mommy know but . . . but could you keep mommy’s turkey moist?  ‘Cause if it’s not, she always looks like she’s gonna cry.




* * * The End * * *





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