Twinkle, Twinkle

By Purry



“Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la……”

“If you don’t stop singing that song, I’m going to deck you.”

“Where’s your Christmas Spirit?”

“It went out the door after the seventh time you sang that song.”


“I don’t know why Captain Stanley thought I’d want to help *you* decorate the tree.”

“Hey, I think I take offense to that.”

“You should.”


“Your vocabulary, Gage, is a bit minimal, isn’t it?”

“I‘m getting tired of you putting me down.”

“Now I get it. The reason you keep singing that song is because there is more fa, la, la, la, la’s in it than actual words, words that you would have to remember.”

“Man….I mean…. Oh, forget it.”

“I agree, it’s not a subject that’s worth any more of my time.”

“Why, you….”

“Hand me that string of lights, Gage.”


“Thank you! You did take the flasher out?”

“Take the flasher out?”

“Yes, the flasher.”

“Now why would I do that?”

“So the lights won’t flash off and on.”

“I know what happens when you take the flasher out, what I want to know is why you asked?”

“I asked because I want the lights to stay on.”

“ON, ON, Ohhhh, no. The lights will definitely flash.”

“I digress, Gage, the lights will indeed stay on. Only children like flashing lights.”

“Only childr….are you calling me a child?”

“If the shoe fits.”

“I tell you where I’m gonna fit my shoe.”

“Let’s not get nasty. Now, let’s get the flashers out so we can complete the task we were assigned.”

“I’m *not* the one being nasty about this. What gives you the authority to decide if the lights should flash?”

“I’m senior paramedic and that gives me the right. So snap to it.”

“I’m senior paramedic, snap to it…..”

“What was that you were mumbling, Gage?”


“That’s what I thought.”

“What is the point in having twinkle lights if your not going to have them twinkle? That’s the whole point, isn’t it?”

“It’s a matter of taste and opinion. I personally think it looks to commercial when they are flashing on and off. When they stay on, it’s a more dignified look.”

“Dignified? Are you crazy, this is a fire station.”

“Oh, I digress….”

“Would you quit that?”




“What’s the matter, Brice? You run out of digresses?”

“Of course I could respond to your barb but that would make me no better than you. Honestly, I don’t know *how* DeSoto puts up with you.”

“Leave Roy out of this. Let’s just get this tree decorated.”

“Fine. Did you take out all the flashers?”



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