Stories by Linda2

Last Man Standing Or

Then There Was One

Emergency! In


Annie's Last Sunset


It's Just One Of Those Days, Dixie

When There's No

One To Blame



Firewalker And The Rings Of Fire

But For The Grace

A Home For Sam


Turkey Day ala Amy

 Christmas In Paradise 


A Happy Discovery 


Once Upon A Time In The Land Of E! . . .

In A Pinch 




The House

Written with Audrey W. and Vanessa Sgroi

Santa Down 

Written with Audrey W.

Rerun Hang-Ups


It's the Real Thing


Quantum E!

Triple the Trouble


And Yet Another Day

The Box

A Season and a Time

 May 2008 Picture
February 2016 Picture August 2016 Picture Easter Egg Stampede  



Linda2 also has dialogue stories located on the at Emergency! Challenge Fun Page  


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