Stories by Satchie


Johnny suffers from a potentially

 career-ending eye injury, and

 becomes detached in more ways

 than one.

The Secret Ingredient

"It's not going to kill you to try

 something different."


Just A Simple Cold

For Johnny, nothing is ever simple.



Too Much Help

Johnny agrees to perform a favor for Marco, but soon he's the one who desperately needs help.


A Gnawing Feeling

Overwhelmed by life's little

 frustrations, Roy dismisses

 Johnny's problems as unworthy

of his attention, until it's almost too


Mere Mortals

Two of Rampart's worst patients

 are reunited.



Heart Aches

Johnny feels life is passing him by.




A Piece Of Cake

Johnny agrees to perform another favor for Marco, and gets much more than he bargained for.



Casting Stones


A Stroke of Bad Luck


Road to Damascus

*This story is a sequel to Casting Stones




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