Stories by E!lf

Time Out

Never Play God

Little Things


Playground Equipment

Sojourn Into Silence

September 2006 Picture Story - 'Strength'

What the Boys Do




Emergency! Response

Four Letter Words

Survival of the Fittest

The Best Man

Come Saturday Morning Brown Bagging It

Information, Please!

Johnny on the Spot Something to be Thankful For Johnny Gage Sings Christmas 
15:13 Nativity Boring Old Married Guy Never Say "Bored"

Trusting God and Johnny

Healers Retirement Party  
Revelations Attack of the Pod Paramedics Power Dream Weaver
Letter to Johnny Letter to Roy

Luck of the Not Even

Slightly Irish

Papa Johnny's Blues

Just Say "Boo!" Roy's Run

What's in a Name?

Jive Talking

Gage Blood

This story is a sequel to 'What's in a Name?'

Indirect Method Coda elohar A Mile in My Wings
A Sunday in June Bad Hare Day Embarkation The Wrong of Way

The Mighty Fireman, Chester B.

And Nothing But. . .

Roger Dodging  




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