Stories by Marty P.

April Fool

Chet's pranks abound, but who's the fool?

Why Johnny Doesn't Drive

(others' stories included on An Honest Mistake page)

Blooper story:  Caught

What happens when the drugbox goes to Rampart without the paramedics (To Buy or Not to Buy)


E!Lib 1

'Trainee' story: The Way It Mighta Been

Johnny meets 'the dog'

Word Power


E!Lib 2

So This Is Progress?

An answer to a challenge . . .

Halloween Revisited

Rotten Day

Victim's POV story that focuses on the E! characters


Caught Coughing

An answer to a challenge that

asked. . .why is Johnny coughing?



Charge Ahead

*This story is a victim POV story that features the E! characters in it.

A Valentine Date



Seeing is Believing

February Picture Story

April Picture Story

May Picture Story


March Picture Story

January Picture Story

White Elephant


August Picture Story
September Picture Story July Picture Story March 2006 Picture Story Powerless
Still Life Tradition Carried Away Man Down
Bag Boy

Hang Up Revisited

The Tour

The Rest of the Shift
October 2005 Picture Use Your Head Christmas Calls Moving Experience
Sweet Treats Not Quite the Plan

The Rule Book

Manual Labor

Birthday Interrupted

Communication The Package Letters From Santa
Santa Takes Action The Computer Date Discouraged Collections
Disaster Impact Wanted

The Story Behind Johnny's Green Pen

Once a Fool, Always a Fool Overboard The Rocket's Red Glare  



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