Stories by Wanda Hargrove


The Haunted House 

Timmy's Return

Full Moon Fever

Slippery When Wet


The Firemanís Picnic Caper

Rescue At The Quack Of Dawn


The Phantom And A Cougar

The Field Trip

Unpleasant Reunions


Between A Rock And A Hurl

Accidents Will Happen

Just A Minor Repair


Derby Festival Daze

A Night At The Races Can Be

Hazardous To One's Health

It's All In The Cards


Close Encounters Of The Stapler Kind


(others' stories included on An Honest Mistake page)

The Bee

(others' stories included on An Honest Mistake page)


The Other Side Of The Street


An answer to a challenge for Trainee

Flirting With Disaster


The Mr. Edison, You Done Me Wrong Blues

A Hero's Story?

April Picture Story

Not Actor Material? September Picture Story

Long Distance Charges May


The Vortex


The Vortex II

The Antique Child    

Johnny/Shiloh series


Takin' Care Of Business

Bringin' On The Heartbreak

No More Mr. Nice Guy

When The Time Has Come








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