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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? 

Whatís In A Name 

Itís Time To Decorate The Tree

Letters To Santa 

Did Someone Say . . .Cookies? 

New Yearís Resolutions

And The Title Is . . .?

Vacation TimE!

E! Limericks and Haikus 

Character Descriptions  

Itís Valentineís Day!

Board Games

A Horse Is A Horse 

Easter For The Emergency! Gang 

Childhood Books

Food For Thought 

Favorite Toons! 

Music, Music, Music 

Henryís Lucky Day

Fast Food

Favorite Activities 


Bumper Stickers

July 4th Barbeque Time

Careers and Heroes

Music Memories

What's In The Closet?

Soup's On

Happy Birthday To Them

Rosanne's EMERGENCY! Toys

Birthday Gifts

Favorite Movies

Happy Birthday, Johnny!

Name Game

Breakfast Time!

CB  Handles

Movie Titles and E!




Favorite Seasons

Station 127 (Station 51) Now

Favorite TV Shows

What Two Would You Keep?

Favorite Quotes

Happy Halloween!

Answer The Phone

What's On The Menu?

Holiday Shopping

Decorate The House

Christmas Caroling

Happy New Year!


Captain Stanley Scenes

Roy Scenes

Challenge Stories: scenes with dialogue only

Johnny Scenes

Let's Go To. . .

Emergency! Photos

Rhyme Time

Things That Remind Us Of Emergency!

Just Another B & E: The Illustrated Version

Quartet Songs

What Kind Of Animal?

What Color?

Favorite Bloopers

Favorite Owies


Emergency! Word Search Puzzle

Favorite Mike, Marco and Chet Scenes

Super Heroes

Disney Characters

An Honest Mistake

Another E!Lib

Favorite Rampart Scenes

License Plates

Favorite Childhood Toys

Another Halloween 

What or Who Would You Be?


Twelve Days of E!

Music, Music, Music 2

Gift Exchanges

New Year's Toasts and Drinks

Happiness Is . . .

Missing Scenes

Nuisance/ Virus

Missing Scenes II

Alley Cat/ Women

What Are They Saying/Thinking?

Missing Scenes III

Peace Pipe/ Mascot

Reality TV

Missing Scenes IV

Musical Mania/ I'll Fix It

Missing Scenes V

Fuzz Lady/ Rules of Order

Station Bedding

What Are They Saying/Thinking 2?

Missing Scenes VI

Dinner Date/ Boot

Character Changes

Book Titles

Missing Scenes VII

Weird Wednesday/ Heavy Weight

Missing Scenes VIII

Surprise/ Kids

Which One?

Missing Scenes IX

The Parade/ Gossip

Emergency! Poster Pictures

Missing Scenes X


Favorite and Not so Fav Eps

Missing Scenes XI

Show Biz

Houses and More

What Movie?

Fear Factor Debate

What Angel?

Missing Scenes XII

Inventions/ Fair Fight

Top Ten Themes

New Year Resolutions Pt 2

Missing Scenes XIII


What's Up for Valentines Day

High School Votes

Favorite Scary Movies





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